webinar script outline

Look for the emotional appeal – focus on one specific pain point; otherwise, it gets confusing. What problem will this webinar solve? Thank you for joining us for today's webinar. This script assumes that the webinar will involve two people: a host and a presenter. That’s really the extent of the types of bonuses I recommend. As a little ‘thank you’… I want to give you my cheat sheet: “6 Top Secret Negotiation Tactics to Get the Raise You Deserve”. An important note to remember is your attendees will associate your business with whoever is on screen, so choose wisely. Take it a step further and jump on a call with your ideal attendee and ask them about what’s working and what isn’t regarding your topic of expertise. Ensure you include an authentic deadline and scarcity elements. What is your goal for this webinar (what KPIs will you use to measure success). The purpose here is to reiterate just how much value they’re getting. However, she’s tested different texts over the years and has found that the combination of storytelling and understanding her prospect has yielded the most leads from her presentations. So just to give you an idea of what I’m going to be talking about today, here’s exactly what you will learn from this webinar. The host should have a few questions with made-up names written down in case there are no questions. Go through your client emails and comments, I’m sure you’ll find other common objections. (If you’re doing a live webinar:) If you have any questions for me throughout the webinar, feel free to ask them in the side panel and I will try to get back to you during the Q&A at the end or at least within the next day or so. Also, I started this blog, Growth Marketing Pro and built it into a 6-figure passive income business in 18 months. As a middle of the funnel offer, a webcast is more personal than an article or ebook and help potential clients get to know your company before having a sales conversation. Step 2: Write a script. But age doesn’t appear to slow the channel down. Webinar Script Introduction. All rights reserved You can boost your credibility by selling yourself in many other ways. Don’t go down rabbit holes just to “stack” the bonuses. They’ve been trying to overcome their problem one way. Use real life examples. Great article! “I really appreciate you joining me here today! Many of our clients have started webinar programs with much success, and others express hesitation for how to get started. Webinars or webcasts are a powerful lead generation tool in your digital marketing program. They’ve tried solutions before without success. To piggyback off the last point, when your audience rocks up to your webinar, in their heads, they’re thinking, “I hope this is not a waste of my time!”. How do you transition from the content to the pitch without feeling icky or awkward? Let’s go through three different examples of how you can highlight the real problem…, “I’m not losing weight because I’m not eating well or exercising.”. Client success stories can also be a powerful tool for keeping audiences interested in your presentation. Presenter: ...so with that, we will go ahead and take some time for questions. We will go ahead and take some time for questions now. This time $195 seems expensive, right. In this post, we’re going to put forward a case for scripting your webinars, as well as some examples to help you get started. Show customer testimonials – tell the stories of 3-6 of your customers in the same story arc of your personal brand story. This is a real key to the formula. You want to hook their attention quickly and. Ideally, your audience is thinking: “If she can overcome her problem, maybe she can help me too!”. The cost to the get Perfect Webinar Script in Pdf copy is FREE, you just need to cover the Shipping to have it deliver to your doorstep. This is the, “But wait, there’s more!” section of your webinar. Start sharing industry secrets, teaching about products, and asking questions. This is where you reveal the special, limited time price. It’s the same template that we use in-house and has generated $245,540.74 and counting. Do you have the experience? Don’t be afraid to think outside the box for your personal story, but you’ll want to tie it back to the topic of the webinar. That’s not going to work on a married mom of two. When you use this technique, your audience will be hanging on your every word. Depending on the goals for your webinar, you should now select a format. That’s why this final call to action is so important. Use brevity and clarity. Thank you, everyone! Jim asks... [GO THROUGH QUESTIONS WITH HOST ASKING THEM AND PRESENTER ANSWERING THEM]. For just another $100, you get access for life with no future payments.

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