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Click Here: TVS Phoenix 125 Full Specification, Click Here: TVS Motorcycle Showroom Address, Good Mileage, Good controlling, Good engine quality, Slim tire,  Breaking system ,  Engine vibration. Honda CB Shine, Yamaha Saluto and Hero Glamour are regarded as the major rivals of Phoenix 125 in Bangladesh. Since the beginning, they used to provide the best-configured motorcycle within a reasonable price and within a very short time, they have become the trustworthy brand in the Indian subcontinent as well in Bangladesh. Click Here …, Benelli Bikes Specs, Price, Mileage & Review | Nepal, This page gives you the updated list of all Benelli Bikes in Nepal. The overall length of the bike is 1985 mm, width is 740 mm and height is 1065 mm. Its engine displacement is 124.5cc. Click Here to find TVS motorcycle showroom near you. Great popularity has indicated the complete success of its perfect design. It gets ample ground clearance of 165mm and weighs 114kg. TVS is the 2nd largest motorcycle brand based in India which also one of the most popular brands in the Indian subcontinent. The price depends on their braking system as well. It is for sure that this mileage will increase on the highway but reduce while riding on the city road. We have started our journey since 25th January 2012. TVS Phoenix is a popular commuter category motorcycle which carries 124.53 cc engine with air cooling system. Let us introduce the new version of TVS Phoenix 125 which is one of the best selling bikes of the company. The current price of the bike is 1,35,500 BDT. Best 6 Carbon Fiber helmets in Bangladesh. The company manufactures and sells scooters, motorcycles, and …, SUZUKI Bikes Specs, Price, Mileage & Review | Nepal, Suzuki sells 3 motorcycles in Nepal; Hayate, Gixxers & Intruder. Enquire to book a test ride to experience the new TVS Radeon at a TVS dealership near you. Those who comfortable with a drum can take the drum version and those riders who familiar with a disc can choose the disc version. it can produced 8.1kw@8000RPM maximum power and  10NM @ 6000RPM maximum torque. TVS Star Sports, TVS Star City+, TVS Scooty Zest 110, TVS Dazz 110, TVS Jupiter, TVS Jupiter COMBI, TVS Wego Refresh, TVS Wego REF-COMBI, TVS Victor 110 Drum, TVS Victor 110 Disc, TVS Stryker 125, TVS Phoenix 125, TVS Apache RTR 160, TVS Apache RTR 180, TVS … its ground clearance is 165mm. However, the engine of the bike can produce a maximum of 10.8 Bhp @ 8000 rpm power and 10.8 Nm @ 5500 rpm torque. TVS Phoenix 125 KTM Bikes Specs, Price, Mileage & Review | Nepal. The Bike has not been successful in Bangladesh as expected. Body, Break & Suspension:  TVS Phoenix 125 overall dimension is Length 1985mm, Width 1065mm, Height 1065mm. Here is the updated Bajaj pulsar bike price list that is available in Nepal with their details specifications. Ask A Question!!! It has 4 speed constant mesh gear shift. As like the standard motorcycle, TVS Phoenix is also has almost good look and the new version is seems a bit sporty. 67 Kmpl (approx). Its fuel tank capacity is 12 liters. Though it is a 125 cc bike, so mileage is almost the same as most of the bikes but if it would be increased by the company, then it would be more demanded. This bike is powered by the (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); © Copyright 2020 - All Rights Reserved | Technical Maintenance by Virtuanic, Twin, 5-step adjustable hydraulic shocks with series spring. Engine & Transmission:  TVS Phoenix 125 has Eco Thrust Engine. Suspension & Brakes: Like most of the motorcycles, TVS Phoenix 125 cc is also used telescopic suspension for the front wheel where the latest Oil Damped system included. CFMoto Bikes Specs, Price, Mileage & Review | Nepal, They are currently giving a tough competition to different popular bikes in Nepal. The total weight of the bike is 114 kg including 12 lite fuel capacity. The suspensions are great in quality which can ensure great comfort to the riders and pillion. However, the braking system is also good for this motorcycle which is available in two different quality where one of them consists of two drums and rest one consists of front disc brake along with the rear drum. See instructions, TVS Stryker 125 Price Specs Review Mileage | TVS Bikes Nepal, Check out the latest and updated UM Bike Price in. Transmission duties are taken care of by a Design & looks: the Previous edition of Phoenix 125 was the mixer of sports and standard motorcycle which was somewhat alike with TVS Star where you should know that TVS star also gained popularity from the market of Bangladesh. TVS is the brand of India. DC Digital TCI is the ignition system of the motorcycle. In December 2013. Its top speed 100km/h (approx) and mileage 50-55km/l (approx). Its front suspension equipped with Telescopic suspension and twin shocks suspension. Honda Bikes Price in Nepal – Check out Price of Honda X-Blade, Honda CB Hornet 160R, Honda Grazia, HONDA ACTIVA, HONDA DIO, Honda .. BUY / TEST RIDE. Design:   TVS Phoenix 125 has the maximum similarity with TVS star but you have to keep in mind that TVS star also got huge popularity in the market. TVS Phoenix 125 Full Specification,User Review and Current Price in Bangladesh 2019,Top Speed,Mileage,Colors,Suspension,Braking System and Digital Features An electric starter is also included along with a kick system. TVS Phoenix 125 has the most attractive  and aggressive design in 125 segment. There are also digital trip meter, digital odometer and also digital fuel gauge. We provide you the latest and updated KTM Bike Price in Nepal in 2019 and not only that we also provide their key specifications and features. * Cosidering mileage of 55 kmpl and petrol price of Around Rs. UM Bikes Specs, Price, Mileage & Review | Nepal, Check out the latest and updated UM Bike Price in Nepal in 2020. শুরু হচ্ছে ইয়ামাহা Motorcycle Riding Training প্রোগ্রাম, নাটোরে উদ্বোধন হলো সুজুকির নতুন শোরুম রাফিদ মটরস, ইয়ামাহা ফেজার এফআই ভি২ ব্যাবহারিক অভিজ্ঞতা তৌহিদ আলম, সুজুকি হায়াতে স্পেশাল এডিশন ১১০০০কিমি ব্যাবহারিক অভিজ্ঞতা আবদুল জব্বার. The bike both drum holds a few less price than the disc version. Check it out compare with other brands of bike and choose your best Bajaj pulsar bike price list in with confidence and ride with pride. 70.45 on 2019-05-01 The overall length of the bike is 1985 mm, width is 740 mm and height is 1065 mm. Browse all the Vespa Scooter price options by model and trim before taking your favorite Vespa for a test drive at …. its  wheelbase is 1265mm. They have plenty of different products are currently available in the Bangladeshi market where TVS Phoenix 125 is one of them. But, after a few times, it seems that the model is getting older and they have launched a new version in which the fuel tank is more attractive with a little kit on both sides of the tank. 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder. Colors & Price: Currently four colors of TVS Phoenix 125 are available in the market of Bangladesh which are Helsinki Black Silver, Moroccan Red, Alaskan Green, and Belgian Black Red and Oxford Grey. The seating position is wide and comfortable enough which can carry the highest two pillions on it. This bike is powered by 124.5 engine which generates Maximum power 10.5 Bhp @ 7500 rpm and its maximum torque is 10 Nm @ 6000 rpm. It gets ample ground clearance of 165mm and weighs 114kg. Vespa Scooter Specs, Price, Mileage & Review | Nepal. it has good design. The engine of the bike consists of 124.53 cc displacement which also has single-cylinder, air-cooled standard technology. Due to better handling and security, company has released disc and drum version of this machine. But, it’s price is comparatively a little higher which should be taken care. Check Models and …, Mahindra Bikes Specs, Price, Mileage & Review | Nepal. Its price is Tk 135,500.00. But, after a few times, it seems that the model is getting older and they have launched a new version in which the fuel tank is more attractive with a little kit on both sides of the tank.

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