threats of google

in my opinion.

Once it reaches the point that Google knows i'm thinking of going on holiday and I type in "beach holiday" and it says "did you mean a trip up to the netherlands to see the northern lights" you know that the future is here.

. Spot opportunity in target markets with local metrics and top SERP competitors. One thing I hate: those stupid Mac commercials. They need to get their hands up. You become a member and search there for the products that you want to buy.

The one significant element that remains is just how personalized we want our searches to be. That's a nice juicy theory. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Google is under constant threat of being dethroned from the crown. Yahoo has done lots of carrier deals, hence a big motive microsoft is interested in them.

Not that I'd say Mac OSX has the same level of intuitive experience with it is limited. Google has all the resources and brilliant professionals to kick on the gas paddle on this very project. My parents, sister, friends, girlfriend all call 'searching' 'googling' - it simply defines search on the internet in the eyes of non-industry professionals (like us). ;) 

. Therefore, I think there will always need to be general search to bring us to those specialized SEs,

I think the number of verticle SE's depends solely on how many URLs people can remember. Google's size is a major threat to their hiring philosophy, and I think you'll see that start to unravel in the next couple of years.

. While this seems unlikely, Google's own rise followed this storyline very closely. Certainly the cat and mouse game Google has waged with black hats over the years have produced plenty of poor search experiences and even the occasional PR nightmare, but I believe that even if Google's algorithms couldn't keep up in an automated sense, Google now has the power and the funding to preserve their position through sheer manpower - using human classifiers to root out any massive increase in spam in the short term while engineers found ways to pattern-detect them away. Oh and can you order a deep-pan perpperoni from that new place downtown - I can't remember the name. After that, they get what they were looking for or get distracted by the sites they click on and head off to who knows where but satisfied that Google helped them find what they were looking to find. You'll see eBay going after Amazon soon and Amazon going after eBay. This is an alarming matter for the company. You said it yourself - Google will buy any threatening technology, but another reason why they won't fall is their hiring practices. I really want to hope that that will be a startup - someone who will give new breath to search and search marketing (probably that would be for worse for us, search marketers but I am still eager to see what is going to change).

Its just a matter of time.

But that, of course, is just my own experience/opinion.

in order to ensure a well-rounded assessment. It is a tough call, I am all for a new startup redefining search and taking over, but just like operating systems are synonymous with Windows (in the eyes of the majority) - so is google with search and the internet.

I used to work for an online job board and the vertical search traffic (though not as copious as traditional search traffic) was of excellent quality. Cheers !

. Personally I am hoping one day my home computer will be in the form of "Teddy" from AI :),

Being a sci-fi fan I have read many stories of future sciences and technologies that would cast google into the same category as runes carved in stone. I have very few Google conspiracy theories but . Which doesn't mean they won't be as more detail emerges.

The biggest business threat they face is that Google is a huge company with conflicting goals and policies. Best Chainsaw Chains for Firewood and Hardwood, US Health Care Industry Overview and Career Outlook. If so, this is too invasive for my tastes, although I respect the intelligent design associated with it. At the same time, I also have to agree with vin, Pete & those who suggest that the danger to Google is likely to be something that we simply can't guess at due to the fact that t'web is still so young. Get the most out of Moz Pro with a free 30-minute walkthrough. It is making our live easier and productive than ever before as the time progresses rapidly. having said that, there's not going to be a downfall with a thud or anything as many anticipates. I shop exclusively at Many of the top data mining researchers have undertook the challenge and are very close to reaching the 10% improved results goal. Another way to organize the worlds information.

The next big move in the information revolution might end up coming from the same people who revolutionized search. The only way to rank certain content is to place it on a prominent a YOUMoz post or a SearchEngineLand article that would easily outperform my blog, even if it was only the abstract. I don't think Netflix's algorithm is terribly complicated. Google has to step into that with their Glasses and watches to be the shining star in the said sector by producing some good products. In order to have one of the major competitors win back hearts and minds, it's my opinion that much more than better results are required. Competitors should be monitored, but they shouldn't set the bar. It also examines the opportunities and the threats facing the company. Baidu. Medical information . I think there is a definite saturation point for the number of verticles which is approxamately equal to the number of different types of media or types of  websites available.

Many think personalized search is the future so .
  • using a keyword
  • and entering an hex color, or by pciking it direclty on the screen (advanced search).

    I think whatever it is will be an extension of what Google is now. @Rand - You've never mentioned that in the whole year I've been here?? Things have moved incredibly fast over the last two years, even.

    . Lack of Privacy Concern: As Google has all the accessibility of information, lack of privacy of your search history and seeking of information is at risk. It isn't just a "cool gadget" - the thing is extraordinarily useful, and just about anybody who picks it up within seconds has a grip on how to do things like send email and browse the web. I'd love to hear, as always, if you see other ways Google might fall from dominance. Google may pull up it's socks each time eating up startups that compete, which is again an interesting story. Employment in Google has been the all-time dream job for job for a young individual who is aiming to make big impact in the world. However, I'd limit it to what Jobs has done to iTunes and MP3 players.

    The biggest problem Google faces is that they continually favor authority and trust as a substitute for "relevance". But multiple reports of Gender Bias inside the office or unplanned workload accusations are giving Google a hard time. :-)

    , "The #2 Biggest Threat to Live Search is their algorithm", "The #1 Biggest Threat to Live Search is people figuring out HOW crappy their algorithm is",

    Heh I can just see it now

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