strat action height mm

The Magnetic Field is not optimized when the pickup is set too low. I’d set the string action first, then adjust the pickups. Love the Identity album and I hope there may be some UK gigs in the near future. Low E 5/64 G 4/64 [Thanks Franck! News will be posted on our website. If it’s only on distortions and higher gain effects you need to roll the gain off on your pedals. – Bjorn], hi [Thanks! The drillbits are glued into a small block of wood so that only the plain shaft is left visible. I wrote Fender and they confirmed the data mentioned by stephenc (above in the comments). Many thanks for the great site again and for Airbag as well. [I would imagine that he prefered a higher action to be able to do all the bends but then again I’m only speculating. Fender recommends that vintage style pickups (CS54, Fat 50s, CS69, SSL1, SSL5 etc) should be set slightly tilted with 2.4mm between the pole piece and the bass strings and 2mm between the pole piece and the treble strings. the large rack inspired at gilmour’ one Can you tell us you set up for that song? I found a very nice way to give them a slight hollow edge w/out loosing too much low end. This is mainly due to the fact that, yes, his pickplate is slightly thicker but mainly because his neck is so thin. I also recommend to consider using different pickups live and at home. There’s no dealer here in Oslo that wants to order them… too bad. I play a 50’s Classic Player Stratocaster and had problems at first because the bass strings were too boomy and the higher strings were too piercing when I really went for the top notes in some solos. what should i replace because i know something is wrong, and what do you recomend. Also I would like to know what are the disadvantages of the 2-point synchronized bridge, should I consider replacing it with the 6-point one? If you get noise from touching the other strings when you play, if you slip a string or something like that, then it’s a matter of technique and practice. String height Use a clean tone on your amp and switch between all pickups until you’ve matched the volume. However, I can only warn everyone to go by these measurements. Adjust the pickups via the adjustment screw on either side of each pickup after adjusting the action to cure the problem. Thank you for the answer and for the great job you are doing with your music and with this site. I would have expected to be on the heavy handed side of things with electrics. Thank you! Also, I consider this medium high but prefer it as I play a lot of slide in standard tuning on my strat. Use the button below, it's fast and safe! – Bjorn]. I read somewhere here that Gilmour keeps the bridge flat all the way down. It’s a pretty easy job to adjust it. But just look at the recommended space between the high e-string and the pole piece on the neck pickup: It’s 1/64 of an inch – that’s (according to my maths) 0,39 millimeters (fretted at the last fret). I just bought a set of two ssl-1 for neck and middle position and a ssl-5 for bridge position. This is wood and wood isn’t perfect and there will always be some tension and misbalance. – Bjorn]. i wouldl ike to know if you got it and if you like to show in the page. matt, [It might be the way you bend the strings but more likely that the action is too low. Wrong - as soon as You'll get it into Your hands You'll see how the action is adjusted according what happens on particular strings - for example - top strings are often bended a lot a a bit harder to play because of more tension. Then you have the whole treble/bass balance issue. sounds very sweet. Cheers. Anyways, I’ve heard a few people recommend having 5 springs in the back for those 69s, that it makes them sound even better. What a coincidence! Do one string at a time and be sure to retune it between each adjustment so that you’ll see and feel the correct height. – Bjorn]. Raise or lower each saddle as in steps 1 through 3 using a higher or lower target measurement to adjust the action to your liking. thxs mate. You got it my friend,static hum,grounding i suppose, to be honest i dont think theres any grounding in the house apart from the kitchen hehe,old place in stockholm. Like a radio buzz? I have a Jimmie Vaughan Strat – V shaped maple neck with 9.5 radius. It’s always wise to start with the recommended setup and then go from there. great insight and help, bjorn, thanks a lot. I have built 2 Gilmour strats in the past year, and have struggled with his string height & pickup set-up on the black strat.

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