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Average Diameter: 3 3/4 inches On Dec 1, 2017, PosterBoy from Plano, TX wrote: Hate to knock these roses, but after four years they've been a mixed bag for me in north Texas. On a positive note, the reds in full sun have done well, with good spring and fall flushes. Mine is already in flower. Waste of space. Bypass pruners cleanly sever the stems rather than crush them. I kind of feel like it's now the sacrificial plant for the entire garden. Always prune in early spring when new shoots are beginning to form on the canes. In the spring, remove the oldest third of the canes, and reduce the length of any remaining long or droopy canes to create a pleasing shape. On May 13, 2010, julzperry from Horn Lake, MS wrote: I have two of these planted in a location right up against my house. Grows very nicely (on Fortuniana) here in Florida in filtered sun. Any suggestions out there? Given less sunlight they are more leggy than their full sun counterparts, and have less blooms each flush, but I expected as much when I chose their locations. Double Knock Out® Shrub Rose Rosa x 'Radtko' Plant Patent #16,202. Shrub roses make up for their less dramatic flowers by being extremely hardy and easier to care for than the sensitive tea roses and other hybrids. I was very happy with it until now. I planted two bushes during late summer, and the blooms continue into mid-autumn in zone 5. I don't even bother pruning. The biggest downside in my eyes is how they are used in mass plantings, especially commercially, and aren't taken care of. Shrub Roses: In general shrub roses are the most carefree of all rose types. So will it live? Deciduous. I hope as they establish more they will get more hardy. This year I trimmed both kinds in the late fall and then again in the spring as they were beginning to sprout new growth. i use a 3 ft wooden vine trellis that sometimes come with vine plants from the garden centers to remember where i have to prune them back to. The plants kept their blooms through late November and continue to produce new growth throughout the winter season. Great shrub rose, very easy care. I have had no disease problems, whatsoever. care about , that would bloom reliably and dependably. I intend to try other hardy shrub roses elsewhere but for lasting season-long color, vigor, ease of care and beauty where you can't fuss with them all the time, they can't be beat! We have two of the red's at our farm sign up at the top of our long driveway far away from a watering hose and even in the hot, dry summer, they contnue to perform beautifully. Well, he planned this very well because I am hooked. I also had to think about how they would look with a carefree attitude garden ... read morethat i enjoy. I have never pruned or fertilized mine. It is north of a very large hedge.Blooms like crazy. Don't blame the rose for this. Millions upon millions have been sold to people looking for constant color with zero maintenance to the point where it's hard to find anyone growing a rose that isn't 'Knock Out.' The red ones are doing OK - some Japanese beetles here and there but they continue to bloom through it all. Mine have a light scent when the blooms open, but it fades after a couple days. Disease Resistant I am aware that one does not plant shrub roses to get cut flowers, but it is possible to to get some flowers off of some of them, for example, "Cuthbert Grant.". On May 19, 2006, boneyween from Shawnee Mission, KS wrote: Highly recommended for new rose growers because of this plant's strong resistance to the dreaded black spot disease. And there is a faint scent to these. Growth has been good and they just began to blossom over this weekend (5/20-22-2011). A maintenance free rose that continually produces self-cleaning double candy apple red flowers with a slight spicy fragrance. They were absolutely gorgeous, very low maintenance and offered an endless drift of color. Carefully selected varieties available at ShrubBucket. I have five of them in a raised planter bed. i just have to remember to add water. On Apr 24, 2008, Gardenia731 from (Arlene) Lakeland, FL (Zone 9a) wrote: My father bought me my first knockout rose for 2007 Christmas while visiting form Puerto Rico. They have bloomed profusely every summer since 2006. Hampshire, SO51 0QA Give it A+ for determination as it has been through so much last year-with the rose slugs getting to it and having to transplant it then hardly any leaves left on it and somehow it survived the winter and then cutting it back to 6 inches in May and how it began sending out new leaves and shoots as well as a bud. the rose hips are orangy... very nice. Does like fertilizer, but otherwise absolutely zero maintenance. It doesn't really need pruning, but I'm going to trim back a few branches that have kind of struck out on their own, just to keep it in a good shape. On May 23, 2011, rcmartin from Hanover, PA (Zone 6a) wrote: I am very satisfied with the knock out roses. Quit watering the remainder of hot, dry summer- they did great. I needed something that i did not have to The original member of The Knock Out® Family. Two rules of thumb will let any shrub rose thrive fairly well: The Knock Out group of shrub roses blooms repeatedly every five to six weeks throughout the growing season. On Feb 12, 2004, handhelpers from Coopersburg, PA (Zone 6b) wrote: beautiful fluorescent cherry red - practically maintenance free as far as roses go. I have buds and full flowers which may need coverage this week. We did not have too many Japanese Beetles this summer for some reason.They always ruin my other roses , but they did not harm the Knockouts. It does have a fragrance, and a very nice one at that. More than hydrangeas. Low maintenance. The bloom cycle produces rich cherry red, hot pink blooms that will continue until the first hard frost. color: Cherry red… On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest, I rate this Rose a Five. Two reds in partial sun do OK, all things considered. An amazing rose. Does well in a container, or in the grouond. I am looking for a knockout variety that does not fade - or at least does not fade to the extent that these flowers do. ET (June 3, 2008): These are still not doing well in my garden. The goal is to remove all dead or broken canes (stems) and to create a pleasing shape that opens the shrub interior to light and air. A local nursery woman told me I was watering them too much and that they loved abuse. So far I am the happy owner of 2 single (1pink, 1red) and four dbl knock outs. Great in pairs to flank an entry, steps or gate. 1, was kept in its nursery pot and in a water dish on my concrete patio, left in a corner of my patio that received full sun in morning and no sun in evening.

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