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He produced a series of papers systematically investigating the class of elementary cellular automata, conceiving the Wolfram code, a naming system for one-dimensional cellular automata, and a classification scheme for the complexity of their behaviour. Amazingly, this thing takes an abstract relation, applies it over and over again, and produces a structure similar to what we see in our universe. Subscribe to be notified when I unleash a new post. Stephen Wolfram believes a massively complex hypergraph could represent all of physical space and its contents, a clue to finding the fundamental theory of physics. Original article can be found here (source): Artificial Intelligence on Medium. In 1983, Wolfram left for the School of Natural Sciences of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, where he conducted research into cellular automata, mainly with computer simulations. In 2012, he was named an inaugural fellow of the American Mathematical Society. I think that’s enough info to conclude my summary. All things are a manifestation of the divine, but they manifest because of the interaction between two opposite elements of the divine. – that seem so well aligned that one might almost think they must have been built to inform the analysis of our models.”. And in branchial space (or, more accurately, multiway space) we have Feynman’s path integral – the core of modern quantum mechanics. He later applied that discovery to his study of the non-computational, actual universe. Wolfram says the big answer lies in something simple and structureless: “We can think of it as a collection of abstract relations between abstract elements., Dualism from Epistemic Access: More of Nagel’s Bats, and Mary the Color-Starved Scientist, Emergentism, Panpsychism, and Philosophical Zombies, What It’s Like as a Description of Phenomenal Consciousness, Thoughts on Kim’s Exclusion Argument and Epiphenomenalism, Kim’s Leibnizian Argument for Substance Dualism. Is it possible that this model essentially says the same thing? That said, Wolfram points out that there will be hints in the structure that help you narrow down the rule. If you’re wondering about Wolfram’s credentials, he’s a genius. This would preclude the existence of other universes because, “our universe would already [contain] all possible rules, so there can only be one of it. I find it intriguing that this model not only seems to fit contemporary physics, but it also fits mystic religious revelations about the universe consisting of a single being that manifests in two primary ways, as the masculine nothingness of pure being and the feminine creator/destroyer aspect that spawns the creation. The Wolfram Physics Project is a project launched by computer scientist and physicist Stephen Wolfram to find the fundamental theory of physics. Stephen Wolfram: The Path to a Fundamental Theory of Physics May Begin With a Hypergraph. Sign up to receive an email notification when I post a new blog entry. It’s amazing unification that I have to say I didn’t see coming; it’s something that just emerged as an inevitable consequence of our simple models of applying rules to collections of relations, or hypergraphs.”, Furthermore, this is all based on the application of a single simple rule applied over and over again, but it’s possible that every conceivable rule is running simultaneously, which would produce a third type of relational space (rulial space) that would also create causal invariance, meaning things could get reversed. Tom Siegfried, ScienceNews. This is pretty mind-blowing. He conjectured that the Rule 110 cellular automaton might be Turing complete, which was later proved correct. Courtesy of Wolfram … The Wolfram Physics Project: One Fundamental Physics Theory to Rule Them All. The biggest problem with this model (for testing) is that at a certain level, it becomes irreducibly complex, so you can’t reverse engineer the structure to figure out the original rule. He published his first peer-reviewed science paper as a teenager and earned a PhD from CalTech at 20. Causal invariance is “at the core of why relativity works, why there’s a meaningful objective reality in quantum mechanics, and a host of other core features of fundamental physics.” It accounts for why there’s a cosmic speed limit, it predicts blackholes, it explains particle physics (and suggests smaller particles yet undiscovered), it solves Zeno’s paradoxes of motion, and it apparently provides the crucial link between relativity and quantum mechanics. Stephen Wolfram describes a model of the universe based on “a collection of abstract relations between abstract elements.” Essentially, this amounts to a repeated application of simple rules governing the relations between elements, which produces a hypergraph of extremely complicated geometries. There is simply too much emergence taking place. Oh, and one more thing. Stephen Wolfram (/ ˈ w ʊ l f r əm /; born 29 August 1959) is a British-American computer scientist, physicist, and businessman. And not only that, there are also modern mathematical ideas – geometric group theory, higher-order category theory, non-commutative geometry, geometric complexity theory, etc.

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