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Needlebar Museum Archive: this site has a ton of information on old sewing machines including manuals, images to help you identify your sewing machine, and information on restoring sewing machines. They both only show manuals to two models but their pricing is different. What other resources do you recommend? Serial # 2268628. I need an instruction book for the embroidry attachment for Singer 6268 sewing machine. Thanks for the info on the 301. Can anyone help me? Form No. From the needle bar, take the thread to the eye of the needle and it may be right to left, but we are not sure. It has a belt that drives the handwheel and helps raise and lower the needle. I'm just trying to repair my Singer 319! He covers threading and basic sewing, as well as some repairs. 457. Original manual, not a copy or a download. How to... Identify an Old Singer Sewing Machine. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thanks Awesome!!! Here is an original, unused warranty from White Sewing Machine Corporation. Vintage Pfaff No. -Ed, hi need a manual for a 96ksv7 industrial please thanks fred ps. I keep mine busy all the time, especially around holiday gift making time. The Vintage Singer Sewing Machine Blog: this one doesn't look like it's updated anymore, but it has some great tips on fixing vintage Singer sewing machines. You can change your mind at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer of any email you receive from us, or by contacting us via the Contact Form. These early models provided a good foundation for other business interests Toyota had at the time and were made to appeal to western markets. 77. VS2Can you tell me anything about it. It looks like the needle groove is too deep. Thank you for signing up! If you don't know model number, the serial number will help to identify. Quilting Board's Forum for Vintage & Antique Machine Enthusiasts: this is a great place to look for information on vintage sewing machines and also to ask questions if you need help. My gmail address is oldsewingmachines -Ed. I have a list of free manuals at down the page for the 301. which may be purchased separately" - this includes: the feed cover plate (for darning) and embroidery. Thx. Its two-tone color makes it an attractive addition to any collection even though it may be a Singer 15 clone. Any ideas? It lists different parts for different Visetti sewing machines at reasonable prices. Manufacturers . All rights reserved. Singer Sewing Machine Models Photo Gallery The following photos are provided as an aid in identifying common vintage Singer sewing machine models. It also includes information and tips for sewing techniques as well as problems operating the machine. can anyone help, Hi Anthony,I do have a scanned copy of the manual I can send to you. Dragon Poodle Studio: this was one of the first sewing machine blogs I discovered, and it has a special place in my heart. I restore old furniture and was given a 625 from a friend. Old Singer Sewing Machine Blog: this one also isn't updated anymore, but it's one of the blogs I visit most often for information on vintage/antique Singer sewing machines. Is there a free source on here? I am trying to find out which model I have so that I can look up the correct manual. How do I go about finding the correct model number to find a manual? i will look through my items Freda and hoping someone will read this and find one for you. You wrote the K in the model number means UK manufacture, I assume D in the model numbers refers to the German factory? Besides instructions for operation of the sewing machine, there is information on sewing machine accessories and care of the machine. Great to share those freebies out there!Charlene, can i have help?i cant seem to tread the bobbin on my singer 502? Original, not a copy or a download. Instructions for using the Singer 327 Sewing Machine. I have a singer professional model 20-33.Haven't been able to find anything on the singer site Or anywhere else.Can you please help?Thank you so much. Many thanks. It is possible that the Toyota sewing machine company was responsible for this model and name. It also includes information on tubular bed sewing, smocking, applique and more - as well as how to operate the sewing machine. Do you happen to know where I might find a manual for the wonderful 306K that I recently acquired?Thanks :-), can some one please tell me where i can find a servce manual for a 366k-255 heavy duty singer industrial single needle sewing machine. This original sewing machine manual is for a New Home Model 545 sewing machine. I've just been going through the comments here in search of an adjusters or service manual for my 301. Reproduction or copy of this page, in any form, in part or in whole, is strictly prohibited, without prior, written permission. ISMACS International International Sewing Machine Collectors' Society. Original, not a copy or a download. I will be grateful if you continue this in future. Original, not a copy or download, of a sewing machine manual for a Singer Touch-Tronic 2000. For more information about our privacy practices please visit our Privacy Policy. One unit sat idle for 35 years, so they say, and when they plugged it in, the sewing machine ran smoothly as if it had been bought off the shelf. Is this a model 27 or 127? I located the spring screw and noticed is was threaded through case, and "buggered" up. Vintage Sewing Machine Manual - Singer... Vintage White Sewing Machine Warranty - White, Vintage White Sewing Machine Warranty - Brown, Vintage White Sewing Machine Warranty - Blue. Can you help? I have the first 20 pages of the 101 Adjuster's manual. "Directions for using The Singer Manuf. WANTED TO MAKE GRANCHILDREN QUILTS BUT CAN'T GET THE BOBBIN TO LOAD WITH THREAD...IT HAS THE METAL ROD BOBBIN. Hi Ed, Such a helpful site! the smithsonian has a link but it just has a few pages. Thank you very much for your sharing! This site is dedicated to passing on information to make your experience more enjoyable. Classic Singer: this blog doesn't look like it has been updated in awhile, but it's got some good information on restoring vintage Singer sewing machines. Singer at does offer both for sale.Anyone who might know of a link to either Singer manual that is free - let me know and I will add to the list. Here is a link to a free 191K manual, it should work for your 191J, also., Thank you for this site (all and whomever responsible). Singer's Reference Book for Sewing Skills. 77. They are available for sale if you do an internet search.Have fun!Charlene, I do have the 301 Adjuster's Manual in pdf, but you are too shy to provide your email address, so I don't know where to send it to.Ed, Thanks Ed! Also is there a service manual for this machine? I was very grateful to find a manual for the Singer No. "Instructions for using Singer Portable Electric Sewing Machine 221-1 (Lockstitch, for family use with foot control). Download 2693 Singer Sewing Machine PDF manuals. There is even a section on decorative top stitching and abutted seams. Any suggestions aside from buying? Visetti Sewing Machine Manual. Have inherited Singer model 258 "made in Italy", but have no manual. You are VERY welcome! We suggest you get a user manual for any type of Singer Sewing Machine. Instructions for Singer's budget model (Form K6349), 4 pages. -Ed. Old Singer Sewing Machine Blog: this one also isn't updated anymore, but it's one of the blogs I visit most often for information on vintage/antique Singer sewing machines. Besides information on using this attachment and sewing buttonholes, this manual also includes information on oiling and maintaining this sewing machine attachment. Today I was trying to use my old grandma's singer and it was impossible to make it work. What does any of this mean? Any ideas of how I find out?Great site by the way!Best regardsBelinda Davenport. Archaic Arcane: this channel has lots of helpful tutorials on restoring and using vintage sewing machines. Besides information on how to operate the sewing machine, there is also information for different sewing techniques like button holes, lingerie seams, darning, applique and more. But I do have serial numbers on both. Fiddlebase: this site has some great information on vintage sewing machines, particularly Frister & Rossmann. No reason to pay for a manual if you don't need to.Have fun with your 401! I think it’s best to call your local sewing machine store and ask them, or maybe do a Google search in your area… Good luck! It has all kinds of information on different sewing techniques (like stretch stitch sewing and more) as well as operation and maintenance of the New Home #545 sewing machine.

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