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And, yeah, they’re a vanilla soft pattern but they’re written in the percentage checklist style with my favourite cuff, heel, and toe. I will be releasing all the patterns individually in December but if you’d like to join in now, you can purchase the collection. and a lot of cosy chat about my own ongoing projects and some free patterns and workshops I’ve created for the Curious Crew. It’s what the holiday season is all about. Find all your favourite luxury yarns and discover plenty more at A Yarn Story, Bath’s premier yarn store based in Walcot Street, Bath, UK. Episode 60: In Which I Chat About New Quilt Projects, a Fabulous Book Giveaway, and Thoughts on the Upcoming Holidays, Episode 59: In Which I Chat About a Nearly Finished Quilt Top, a Fun Color Theory Workbook, an Exciting New Quilt Book, and More on Tackling Nagging Projects, Episode 58: In Which I Chat About a Quilt Finish, Crochet Pumpkins, an Inspiring YouTube Channel, and Taking Care of Yourself, Episode 57: In Which I Chat About A Quilt Top Finish, Beginning an Improv Quilt, and a New Organizational System Called the Sunday Basket, Episode 56: In Which I Chat About Quilt Progress, a Virtual Quilt Guild Meeting, the New Inspector Gamache Novel, and Two Homemaking Books, Episode 55: In Which I Chat About quilt progress, New Blue Oliso Mini Project Iron, the Lazy Genius Way Book, and a 31-Day Homemaking Challenge, Episode 54: In Which I do a Fun Q&A Session, Chat About Current Quilting Projects, Binge-worthy TV Shows, and Homemaking Routines. She has a little bit of an inner goth so she likes a lot of black makeup, which she has liked doing since she could get into my makeup and apply eyeliner to her face, which was quite young, I think about two. This is a big, generous hug of a cowl, big enough to wrap around twice for extra warmth and luxury. Also much talk about masks, quilt labels, fun quizzes, and a new podcast. First, it sort of started off as a bit of a should-do list and a bit of a to-do list. All Rights Reserved. So, we’ll go down there and wander around their neighborhood a little bit. It’s actually my daughter Lexi’s favorite celebration of the year. And I think I’ll just try and pick out a couple to try and finish before the end of the year. We also have a knit along thread in the Curious Handmade group on Ravelry if you’d like to post progress or finished objects in the thread, and we can all knit along on our Knitvent projects together. I have knitting patterns but they link through to my Ravelry shop. In this episode, talk about quilt progress, the new blue Oliso Mini Project iron, the new Lazy Genius Way book, and a 31-Day Homemaking Challenge. And then for the launch of the new website, I decided to do a similar workshop for sock knitters, especially new sock knitters. Learn all the essential skills you need to start knitting stunning handmade shawls with the FREE Spindrift Shawl Pattern and Online Workshop, CH 316: The Tidings Shawl and Cheering Set, © 2020 Curious Handmade Knitting Patterns and Knitting Podcast |, https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/curioushandmade/281020CH315_The_Hearten_Cowl_and_Free_Patterns1.mp3, CH 318: The Hearten Mitts and a Flash Sale, CH 317: The Cheering Socks and gifts for yourself. instagram.com/explore/tags/sewfrosting/ ; instagram.com/explore/tags/sewfrosting2019/, store.closetcasepatterns.com/products/clare-coat-pattern-pdf-download. I’ll announce winners next week in the thread and on the podcast as well. And so I’m super excited about my new website. © Copyright 2020 Golden Peak Media. Often it’s something we do for others but it’s also a gift we can give ourselves. As mentioned, it is designed to be knit with your advent sets. From gorgeous skeins by The Fibre Co and Walcot Yarns to a fine selection from Shibui Knits, La Bien Aimée, House of a la Mode, and Julie Asselin, there is plenty for the discerning knitter to enjoy. That was four that involved trips and travel. So, I hope you enjoyed seeing the first pattern in the collection. The first pattern is the Hearten Cowl. Some of them have happened, which is good. You’re listening to Episode 315. The Simple Handmade Everyday podcast is where I talk about living a creative, intentional life. Alongside an eclectic yarn range, which includes Hazel Knits, Icelandic Lopi & CoopKnits, we stock a carefully chosen selection of needles and notions. For complete show notes, visit the Simple Handmade Everyday blog. So, I’m a little bit all over the place today, just chatting about various different things. But the main thing I’ve been working on is, of course, Knitvent. Thanks so much for joining me today, and thank you to everyone who is joining in on Knitvent and other patterns that you’re knitting along with, and I love seeing your works in progress and finished objects on Ravelry and Instagram, and thanks very much for sharing those with me. There is a thread on Ravelry for information about the yarn for the upcoming pattern or patterns. Heartfelt presents and wholesome home cooking. The Quilt Alliance’s goal is “no more anonymous quilts” and Parker feels that Go Tell It At the Quilt Show is a step in the right direction. Hello, and welcome to the show, and thanks for joining me for a little chat about knitting, yarn, and crafty things. If you just sign up and in return for your email address, I will give you a free knitting pattern. In this episode, I chat about new quilt projects, a book giveaway, and thoughts on simplifying Thanksgiving and Advent. Helen Wilkinson and Caroline Somos host Love to Sew, a fun weekly podcast about making clothes, sewing community, and small business. The Hearten Cowl is a joyful project, full of color, courage, and love. In this episode, I chat about finishing a quilt top, starting a new "beginners improv" quilt, a lovely new fabric line, and a new organizing/productivity system called the Sunday Basket. The theme for this year’s Knitvent is comfort and joy. Make it with Meg: Sew a Gift to Yourself this Season! And, again, as I do this project from year to year, I am actually getting better at recognizing what will make me happy. So, there is some streets locally that get into the theme and, happily, that happens to be my parents’ street. So, thank you everybody who participated in that, and I am very grateful for you because it’s just been such a lovely, cheerful thing to read. After all, it’s not like WTF with Marc Maron could be hosted by the same lady who records your grandma’s quilting podcast. I hope you have a fantastic week. Designed specifically to be knit with a yarn advent calendar or cherished fingering-weight scraps from your stash, it features playful stripes and chevrons with a touch of easy lace. Apart from Knitvent, we also have the Knit 20 for 2020 challenge happening, and the October thread we’ll close tomorrow, the 31st of October. So, I created, basically, a vanilla sock pattern called Simply Curious Socks. So, the collection is now priced at its full price, which is £15. We talk about taking your skills from basic to advanced via continuing sewing education, from types of sewing courses you can take to other things you can study to boost your abilities. And four of them had to be canceled or rescheduled, thanks to COVID this year. It’s just lovely to see people in different areas, in different continents, from the US, and Europe, and in Southern Hemisphere countries, and just different little traditions and things that bring people joy. #AlwaysAndersonville: The Podcast – Show Notes for Episode 47 With the Steep Theatre Staff In honor of Chicago Theatre Week and the Year of Chicago Theatre , this week Laura and Joelle are joined by six members of Steep Theatre in their newly opened Boxcar venue.

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