programming genie intellicode garage door opener

In this How-To video, I show you the fastest and easiest way to do this! Absolute best add-on out there! Programming your Genie garage door remote is SUPER easy. To exit programming, press and release any remote control button except the button that was just programmed. !Also, check out the BONUS footage How To Clear The Memory on your garage door opener.Get a remote RIGHT HERE! ! to the Garage Door Genius right here a must-have for your YouTube videos. Press the remote control button programmed in step 2 until the garage door opener lights flash … The Intellicode system is the Genie company's proprietary garage door opener technology that constantly rotates digital codes so that thieves cannot gain entrance to your garage by electronic "hacking." Genie Garage Door Remote Programming 2 Easy Steps - YouTube 2 EASY STEPS! Click the link and check it out. Press and release the Learn button on the garage door opener or door control. It is now used on most of Genie's garage door openers, which usually come with remote controls that are already coded to match.

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