prestige alarm programming

I go over the differences in the later and newer led / valet button style switch and how it differs from the glass mount antenna valet buttons, I am demoing the (aps25z) z series by Prestige here. My friend used the car and pressed the lock and unlock button together trying to remote start my keep and then this happened… help! I have the APS 997C on my car but I lost the two way remote so I bought another one. My system (with remote start) has two toggle switches. I have the same system i want only the unlock and lock on my car how do i do that can you make a video on that? Hi my name is Andrew and I have a prestige elvatga car alarm system and it works OK but when I disarm my alarm it won’t unlock the doors do you know what could be wrong with it. To take advantage of this option, programmable … My 5bcr03 is broke. Snap-on Tools, MATCO Tools, Cornwell Tools!!!. I have the prestige aps2k4ms, it will unlock and lock my truck but won’t start when I push the green button. Could you confirm?FCC ID: ELVAR5CMODEL:PRO9642. I have the older model that uses the 5bcr07 remote. I also have a preinstalled alarm in my car: What remote do I need to buy and any suggestion where to get it? Whenever I try pushing the button on the antenna/receiver, I get absolutely no reaction from the system. (Current running time is 10 min. Enter your car with your key FOB, and leave the driver’s side door open. Press the “Lock” button on your remote control to program that remote with your alarm. Press the “Lock” button on your remote control to program that remote with your alarm. My boyfriend at the time didn’t know that maybe this fob JUST needed a battery and proceeded to take my car to get a starter!! Thanks! I need your help. was it a module or is that it has bot stock and after market alarm. it may work and you dont know it? Press and release the valet push button switch one time to. This video will show how to program your early 2000’s gm / chevy key fob remote. Step 2. I followed the procedure how to pair them up but it does not beep when I press the controller is there anything that you could tell me or explain to me how to program it the right way or if they are even compatible. 3. Close all doors. Pressing the button on the remote unit, as well as setting the alarm, closes the windows and sunroof and locks the doors (Figure 8.50). Regardless, this video should help. Please can you help me. I couldn’t program the remotes because it wasn’t working…I wasn’t sure my unit was working at all. 1. hey brother what xpress kit did you use i have to do a 2010 suburban, do you need the ring areoudn the ignition key, so you say the audiobox is good? Its about stero noise. Listen man I’m a installer myself and I’m currently working on my own car which is a chevy trailblazer 2002 and I have that same exact alarm and model number but I’m having trouble getting my doors to unlock and lock but I can arm it and also I can remote start everything was good but locking and unlocking what can I do, I dont have access to my manuals right now, So Ill give you audiovox’s tech #, it is 631 231 7750 they are in NY and are there 9-5 m-f est. Worked like a charm!!! You own a professional shop. I need your help my car has a prestige alarm (APS25C) and the remote control (ELVATJA) I do these steps an it works but when I push the unlock button the doors don’t unlock. Hey can u set this alarm to only beep when u lock it? Get on with the installation. Got new three button key pad. Shut off the vehicle using the keychain transmitter by pressing and releasing the second channel transmitter button 2 times. I have a Hyundai XG350 with the Pursuit series model Pro9775T in it I purchased it with the system installed. I am having an issue locating my valet switch I bought my jeep grand Cherokee with the system I got the model number off it I was able to find it under the kick panel will the main unit but I have no clue where the valley switches I also see the antenna on the top but I do not see a switch whereabouts would I find the switch what harness would it be coming out of? I have an Avital 4103 remote start alarm system. Here is my mega problem. What can i do?? Bought a used remote myself and tried this and it worked PERFECTLY! (The siren will sound if the system is triggered while armed.) Hey Hec i just got this alarm today.I wanted to get the window addon for it and the shop owner said it was a bad idea.He said he had a few customers complain about randomly finding thier windows down.Have you heard of any such thing? Flip the valet switch on off on off on then off. Video taken from the channel: Hector’s Tint & Alarms, Click here to find the Prestige remote you need: brand car alarm, keyless entry and remote starter replacement remotes, Video taken from the channel: MotorCityRemotes, Looking for a classic security system that gets the job done. Wait for the car horn to chirp once, twice or three. Hi, I bought a replacement remote after I dropped my original in water. It stopped working a few hours ago. Since I’m able to do that, I figure that there isn’t a problem with the antenna itself. I also have the prestige alarm system in my car.I lost one fob and the other fell in water. But also on my trucks factory harness, it has a yellow/gray wire that says it’s the starter kill wire, which I followed and it’s the one that goes to my starter. What I am getting at is I think my car not running for me or not starting at times has something to do with this remote system. i open door down press the ignite on for 15second. i use auto page, i have a shop in san antonio,thnaks for the video. Which banks will I be changing the settings in to achieve that? Please subscribe!KeylessOption Keyless Entry Remote Control Car Key Fob Replacement for LHJ011 (Pack of 2) I may replacing a Prestige Pursuit remote soon (PRO-OE3B4) with an aftermarket model most likely as Audiovox wants $69 for an OEM replacement, ouch! Thanks for the help. Any suggestions on a fix or any one know how to get the system out of my car w/out putting a whole lot more money in it??? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME, Do you guys know where i can a replacement battery cap? Why won’t this thing go into programming mode? Can you disconnect the horn without any adverse affects to the system or will the system still work without the horn on? its in valet, open the door (leave the key off) hit the button on the glass antenna and it’ll come back on again. Remote Starter / Alarm system Install 2011 Red Chevy Pk Prestige APS 997C. What am I doing wrong? TO ENTER THE PROGRAM MODE: Turn the ignition switch to the “ON” position. Insert your key into the ignition, and press the “Valet” button on your remote. Hello i have the older toggle switch for my car and when i flip it three times nothing happens. Shut off the vehicle using the keychain transmitter by pressing and releasing the second channel transmitter button 2 times. I can pull the underdash alarm fuse and the battery is good f read more. Need help. While I was driving, it kept beeping every few minutes. Of course I knew this already because that’s what I’d do if it wouldn’t start or would die somewhere. Great video and very helpful! I had to do a work around in order to program a new remote. As9903 with protx6 remote. For DEI (Python) 474P remotes Program the lock button on channel 7 by pressing once on switch and hold till beeps 7 times, the other buttons will work then turn off car. Quick question, I have that prestige alarm but it doesnt start my car, do I need to buy a separate started and then pair it with my alarm? I have this same remote start system and when i attempt to use my remote start button my truck wont turn on! The shop that installed it did not install a valet button. Car alarm programming is a task that doesn’t require a mechanic, only a little knowledge of programming basics and some time. Just click and lock it!.•Two four button transmitters.•Negative pulsed door outputs.•Selectable single or double pulse door lock output.•Selectable ignition controlled door lock / unlock.•Selectable active or passive arming, Video taken from the channel: Lessco Electronics.

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