poole harbour peninsular

There is some similarity to the Redend Sandstone at Redend Point, Studland. In warm weather there may be occasional adders in the heathland. Please get in touch if you can help me to learn about the secrets of Poole Harbour, the people and the places, underwater, on the water, the sky or the shore. He burnt Gigon and Finisterra and carried off the holy crucifix from Santa Maria de Finisterra. Although this is one of the many topics to be considered with regard to the future of the South Haven Peninsula, oil-extraction may not have a major effect, and probably less than the building of sea-defences at Bournemouth, the construction of the Training Bank, the dredging of the Swash Channel and its use by large ships, increased public use of the area, and the recent increase in rise of sea-level. It is about the northernmost limit of gravel, as opposed to sand on the beaches of the Poole Harbour side of the South Haven Peninsula. This is a purely academic website and images and text may not be copied for publication or for use on other webpages or for any commercial activity. The whole region from Studland, Swanage and Corfe Castle across to Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door is known as the Isle of Purbeck or the Purbeck Peninsula. Unlike the Redend Sandstone at Redend Point it does not show a large number of iron pipes. A photograph above shows Gravel Point, with some oystercatchers (Haematopus ostralegus a common autumn and winter shore bird of British estuaries and which feeds on molluscs, crustacea, worms and insects, including the cockle Cardium, not oysters). This particularly applies to the Poole Formation. Perhaps it has arrived as ballast on a boat. I do not know why it is there. Incidently, note that the BGS maps show "Head" associated with and mainly to the west of the dune ridges. Not all places need be visited and the descriptions and photographs here can be used as an alternative to visiting. This Eocene unit is a product of sedimentation in the hot Poole Delta. Permission should be sought for entry into private land and no damage should take place. . There has been extensive oxidation of pyrite in the Parkstone Clay Member. Some of these are very thin, just a few metres and they are variable in thickness. The northern group are associated with thirteen low sandy mounds but these have also defied explanation. |Brownsea Island Geology This is now done by an extended-reach borehole (horizontal and even upward drilling) from Goathorn Peninsula to somewhere off Bournemouth Pier. Notice also the green algal slime on some pebbles. The Sandbanks Ferry takes you across the entrance to the harbour to Shell Bay on the the Studland Peninsula. This should not cause much problem at Studland, and in webpages dealing largely with the Chalk, a conversion table is provided. Sandbanks is a prime property location on the south coast of the UK near Poole, Dorset. See the latest edition of the Swanage Sheet, 343 and part of 329 of the British Geological Survey . Similarly the Broadstone Sand Member shows iron-cementation at Redend Point. The details of the very low cliffs at Gravel Point are interesting and warrant further study. Disclaimer: A Poole Park family. This seems to have been a rather irregular continuation of the beach at Redend Point towards Sandbanks. It is about the northernmost limit of gravel, as opposed to sand on the beaches of the Poole Harbour side of the South Haven Peninsula. Geological fieldwork involves some level of risk, which can be reduced by knowledge, experience and appropriate safety precautions. Above it is sandy debris containing clasts of Old Red Sandstone (Devonian), with quartz veins, and some fossiliferous Carboniferous Limestone, shown above. The Purbeck Hills are a ridge of chalk that extend from Old Harry Rocks in the east to Lulworth Cove in the West. Inevitably in such an environment, extremely reducing conditions were locally developed. Sandbanks peninsular. Footnotes: It is based partly on the data shown in the Bournemouth Sheet (No. The Peninsula is surrounded by Poole Harbour on one side and Poole Bay on the other. The Pirate's Route through the Little Sea: The most famous of the 15th century privateers operating from Poole Harbour was the notorious Harry Paye. Poole has an excellent tourist information office located within the Poole Museum (free to enter) on Poole Quay. Individuals and leaders should take appropriate safety precautions, and in bad conditions be prepared to cancell part or all of the field trip if necessary. Aerial view of Poole Harbour showing the Sandbanks Peninsula in the foreground, Brownsea Island in the middle of the harbour and Poole Quay and Poole in the background. © 2014 Ian West, Catherine West, Tonya Loades and Joanna Bentley. The grain size is medium sand and it was seen to be as coarse as the Agglestone Grit of the Agglestone Rock. There have been no oil-spills from the Wytch Farm oilfield that have affected the South Haven Peninsula and it is very unlikely that the oil wells would affect this. The website does not necessarily represent the views of Southampton University. In the centre of the peninsula is a straight line of five regularly placed stones, originally standing upright, with a sixth N.W. The older literature uses the zonal name, as the Formation name is relalively new. 5.5 STUDLAND PENINSULA - POOLE HARBOUR SIDE - LOCATIONS: Near South Haven Point on the Poole Harbour side is a very small promontory known as Gravel Point (map reference SY 033864). In Brand's Bay further to the south there is at present (June 2007) a very large accumulation of algal slime or filamentous green algae. As you would expect, there are plenty of opportunities for adventure activities and watersports including kayaking, paddleboarding and sailing. Persons undertaking field work should assess the risk, as far as possible, in accordance with weather, conditions on the day and the type of persons involved.

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