mountains in grenada

In 2004 Hurricane Ivan tore through Grenada, devastating many of the nutmeg trees on which the island’s economy depended. I spent a week on the island during the Grenada Chocolate Fest but was also keen to experience some of the hiking in Grenada, with my hiking guide Simon who could take me to some of the beauty spots that are known only to the locals. Located on a horseshoe-shaped harbour is St. George’s – the capital and the largest city of Grenada. Thanks! The above blank map represents Grenada, an island nation located in the Caribbean Sea. The path took us up to the high ground above the lake where there’s a farm track and we got a great view back down on the lake, then returned via the coastal road to the River Antoine Rum distillery, where we had parked the car. South East Mountain. Calabash Grenada is a hotel where guests come to relax and unwind and would be ideal for couples of all ages, perfect for honeymooners who want to unwind or older couples looking for a relaxing Caribbean break. Petite Anse Hotel Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. Mount Saint Catherine is an extensively weathered stratovolcano and the highest mountain on the Caribbean island of Grenada. If travelling independently, you should ring or email in advance to check what tours are happening or whether they can be arranged for the day of your visit. Wow great article Heather! Mount Nelson. Kevin. The islands are of volcanic origin and are oval in shape, having a highly mountainous terrain. If you make this walk, it is easily combined with an informal tour of the Grenada Chocolate Company factory and a visit to their air conditioned shop to buy some of their chocolate and bonbons. Afterwards we enjoyed a chocolate tasting and cocoa tea on the wooden verandah of The Treehouse, one of the two self-catering properties that are available to rent on Air B&B from $70US per night. There’s a small beach bar kiosk that had just opened when we were there, so you may be able to buy a drink and relax for a bit while having a chat to the locals. If you have a week or more in Grenada, I’d recommend splitting your time between the north and south of Grenada which each offer a different experience. We saw the ground scattered with the fuschia pink petals of the cashew nut and tasted a few of the shiny wax apple fruits with a crisp texture, tasting somewhere between apple and plum. Their pets also feature at the hotel, as Annie loves her dogs and has adopted Darius, a donkey from the nearby island of Carriacou, who is on loan to a local farmer but gets regular visits. Come along with me to taste the food, explore the culture, go hiking and cycling, experience a luxury cruise or boutique hotel. The islands of the country of Grenada are all volcanic in origin and vary in elevation from 300m (984ft), to over 600m (1,968 ft). The hotel is very welcoming but totally unstuffy and will appeal to those with an adventurous spirit, who are looking for an authentic and unspoiled Caribbean experience with a little luxury and comfort thrown in. For the days I spent hiking in Grenada, I was based at Petite Anse, a pretty, boutique hotel on the northern coast of the island. Mount Qua Qua. Covering a total area of only 348.5 sq. It is the administrative center of the country and is a popular tourist destination in the Caribbean. The track continued down the hill towards Lake Antoine, passing a line of mango trees which are often used to mark the boundary line in old estates. Mountains - Grenada. Read more. List of 22 Grenada mountains showing elevation, prominence, and popularity Mount D'Or. The cultivation of the cocoa and other plantation crops is run on a co-operative basis with local farmers who lease the land and are paid top price for their organic cocoa. more. Belmont Estate Grenada Website | Facebook | Twitter @BelmontEstates | Directions | Email, I visited The Belmont Estate Tree as part of the Grenada Chocolate Fest, where a Bean to Bar tour of the estate, chocolate themed lunch, tour and tasting of Belmont’s new chocolate factory and shop was offered. Organise this walk: I walked to the abandoned plantation house as part of an experience day with the Grenada Chocolate Fest, which included a tour of the Grenada Chocolate Company and traditional lunch. It’s been too long. Guests staying on the plantation are welcome to walk on the trails and participate in regular plantation activities, such as cocoa picking or turning the cocoa. The Great House would typically be built at the highest point of a plantation, where the owner could get a good view over what was happening in the fields. I would love to visit!

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