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There are many industries in which MBA in Management graduates can find employment. Connect with Program Information, Executive MBA in Hospitality Management: Program Overviews, MBA in International Business: Jobs and Salary Information. Of course, … After successful completion of the course, one can get various MBA Event Management jobs. 26 Nov 2020 accessed. The MBA degree remains one of the most popular among working professionals because it can lead to higher-paying management positions. 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Salary for an MBA in Management: Average Earnings of Recent Grads. (2018, Aug 8 of publication). Can I Get Into Project Management with an MBA? 4 lakhs per annum after working 2 to 3 years in this industry. What Is the Scope of an MBA in Business Management? MBA in Event Management is a two-year postgraduate program in which trains the students to manage events like organizational meetings, business promotions, wedding parties, corporate parties, marketing and advertising and other celebrations etc. Learn what makes the two top schools for earning an MBA in hospitality management stand out. The average earnings of recent MBA grads differs depending on which particular industry they choose to build their management careers in. Jobs that Require an MBA: Career Overviews, Top Executive MBA Programs: List of Best Schools, Best Online MBA Schools: List of Top Schools, English Literature Degree Video: Career Options, Distance Learning MBA in Operations Management, Distance Learning Training in IT Project Management, Knowledge Management MBA Program Information, MBA in Logistics Management: Program Overviews, Top MBA Programs in Hospitality Management: School List, MBA Programs in Global Management and Business Relations: Program Info, MBA in Customer Relationship Management: Program Overview, MBA in Digital Media Management: Program Overview, Career Information for a Certificate Program, Dispatch Officer Jobs: Career Options and Requirements, Best Bachelor's Degrees in Data Analytics Online. Some common job posts and opportunities available are- To MBA or Not to MBA: A Business Decision Video. The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) reports that as of 2016, the entry-level median salary for an MBA graduate was $105,000, which is an increase of $5,000 from the previous year. Possible sectors for work can include: With a high demand for MBA in Management graduates reaching across many industries and regions, individuals looking to pursue high salary careers in high demand may want to consider earning an MBA in Management degree. College Advisor that can help you compare costs and options. Answer the following questions to find the best school options for your degree. Can You Do Project Management with an MBA? The average MBA Event Management salary may range from INR 4 to 5 LPA. However, salary increases with experiences and candidates can expect up to Rs. Also, salary in this field differs from company to company and also on the workload. According to GMAC, the industries with the highest demand for MBA graduates were health care, consulting, manufacturing, energy and utilities, and products and services. Retrieved from 13,00,000 per annum. All rights reserved. Which Course Is Best: an MBA or a Master of Management Studies? The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) reports that as of 2016, the entry-level median salary for an MBA graduate was $105,000, which is an increase of $5,000 from the previous year. "Salary for an MBA in Management: Average Earnings of Recent Grads." Do You Need an MBA to Be a Management Consultant? According to GMAC, some additional hiring factors for MBA graduates may include skill level, program type, experience, and region. Can Management Consulting Experience Replace an MBA? Do You Need Management Experience for an MBA? Experience plays a key role in the determination of the salary. For free! From arranging big conferences, corporate parties to social gatherings, marriage, shows and more, these professionals are demanded hugly in today’s world. If you are interested in logistics management, you can pursue an MBA with a concentration in the field. Let's take a look at some different career options and their corresponding earning potentials. Try refreshing the page, or contact customer support.

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