layered blueberry cheesecake

This No-Bake Layered Blueberry Cheesecake is a beautiful and easy-to-make Paleo-friendly + vegan cheesecake made with soaked cashews! Top the entire cheesecake … The cheesecake layers are lusciously smooth and creamy … I used the entire can, but if you want a little less, feel free to not use it all (and save the blueberry pie filling to go on top of some ice cream later! A few notes about this Blueberry layered dessert. The middle layer is cream cheese based. Think no-bake cheesecake, but even fluffier. Carefully spoon one can of thick, blueberry pie filling onto the top of the cheesecake layer. If you love the rich flavor of cheesecake, try my No-Bake Pineapple Cheesecake Bars instead. STEP 5: Finishing Touches. This blueberry … STEP 4: Blueberry Pie Filling.

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