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I’ve played most of the Civilization games extensively, the Total War games, and various others, over the course of 20 years. Our ever increasing list of guides for playing EU4 nations! EU4 Cheats Country Tags EU4 Country Tag List. Are you ready? Hence the interest cost on a loan of $475 (assuming that the loan is repaid on time) is $475 x 0.04 x 5 = $95 Plan for failure as well as success; don't commit so much manpower on the move that your borders at home invite someone else to jump on you while you're distracted by the war. If carriers are to be built, naval variants of fighters, naval bombers, and perhaps close air support will also be needed as a priority, otherwise the carriers are useless. Those villains won't listen to reason, won't give it back, so it’s time to prepare for war! War may be politics by other means, but keeping an eye on your relationship with nearby countries and others which may be more influential is how you keep your friends close and your enemies closer. This guide comprises of top tips on how to prepare for a war. Examples of alternative division template names for Italy include: The Regia Marina is sizeable, with access to significant amounts of modern naval technology - Italy possesses all of the 1936 hulls, batteries and armor setups. Identify key battlegrounds: Check for choke-points in mountain passes or along sea crossings. CHAGATAI 1.29 Strategy I – Yuan Follow Mongolia/Oirat guide Declare on Oirat when their king dies/when Ming declares on them Attack Ming either when you. Only the  Soviet Union could theoretically present a threat to you anymore and that will most likely only become a factor towards the late game. Defending the empire was +100. Italy's industry is quite modest compared to other major powers, at just 50 factories, which is a bit below that of the other European major powers. Timing the end of the war is also important. This is Huge For pushing anywhere and It makes it a lot Easier to cross the alps. 2 Caio Duilio Class battleships that are about 20% finished. Italy's high command picks are an underwhelming lot, only the air force attracts any candidates above "Specialist" level with one exception for a Naval Expert in Military High Command. Once you've won or lost, succeeded or failed, come back with your shield or on it, now you have to win the peace. Basic strategy . While the Ethiopian war and Spanish civil war is ongoing, build up your military and industry, you will need them later. This can be difficult to pull off if Czechoslovakia fortifies, but successfully pulling it off will allow you to steal a lot of the low-hanging fruit that is normally meant for Germany, weakening them. Our allies betrayed Italy and stabbed us in the back when they broke the Pact of London. A solid, relatively simple strategy is to switch your military doctrine to "Superior Firepower" and place Support and Line Artillery (both Normal, Anti-Tank, and Anti-Air versions) in all of your divisions. Hiring mercenaries as a cash-rich and manpower-low nation is a good idea for mid-war as well. These ships are decently powerful while also being decently expendable and replaceable. Today you are frying a goose, but from the ashes a swan will rise. End it too late and the war might just drain a large chunk of your manpower and/or equipment and the Spanish civil war might just start and end before you can finish the "Support Nationalist Spain" national focus. Italy is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea to the East and the Mediterranean sea to the South and west. In theory, the light and heavy cruisers should engage and destroy enemy screening ships, allowing the destroyers to attack and destroy enemy capital ships once the screen ships are down. Italy is a major nation primarily located in the Italian peninsula and the islands of Sicily and Sardinia to the west. If you've lost the war, any or all of the above could also happen but you need to deal with the repercussions of your enemy's counterclaims, which often involve taking your most prosperous provinces or breaking access to extremely useful trade routes. At the 1936 start date, Italy has no alliances, but is guaranteeing  Albania and can choose to either join  Germany and the Axis, form a faction of its own with  Nationalist Spain, or ally  France if they become fascist. Do i get CB or should I improve relations? Its terrain is mainly made of hills, with the peninsula having some coastal plains on the east and west sides of its rugged central spine - important defensive terrain if fighting up or down the peninsula. Badoglio and the king escaped to Brindisi in southern Italy without giving any order to the army. It is unique in that it is the only nation that starts off at war with another nation in 1936, that being  Ethiopia. This can provide up to +20% siege ability and -10% aggressive expansion impact with that nation. That all said, EU4 is a winner. Having more people under your iron heel is nice and all, but the tax revenue they provide and the trade they give you access to typically justifies the price in blood and treasure to challenge another for their allegiance. Italy is a peninsular nation and has a very long coastline which, when dealing with a naval enemy like Britain, is a disaster waiting to happen if not properly addressed. Or have more questions about EU4?

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