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And all blue light is removed at night to help you fall asleep more easily. Apple's iOS 13 update has one annoying flaw in the Photos app. Weather, Clock, Calendar, News, Notes, Maps, Photos, Reminders, Stocks, Music, Podcasts, Tips, Batteries, Screen Time, Files, Siri Suggestions, Shortcuts, and App Suggestions widgets have all been updated. 4: 45: November 4, 2020 ... New ST App on IOS 14 - Crashing Daily. Because Apple Music is finally upping its game in regards to playlists and discovery features to compete with Spotify, which is already good at it. Instead, another email app such as Microsoft Outlook or Spark Mail can open instead. Perhaps the most important one would be Safari. You can use the "Edit" menu on the all recordings list to select and move files to a new or existing folder, or you can left-swipe on a recording and hit the folder icon. However, you can see the results for all apps by hitting "Show More Results.". For example, in the Artists section, you can search for an artist's name. Apps that had widgets before will still have them, but they'll still be the old-style widgets in Today View only — unless the app updated to the new system. If you have an audiogram in the Health app, it can even use that to help build your listening profile. As just mentioned, you can access and use apps without downloading them onto your iPhone via App Clips. Whenever an app requests permission to access your location data, the pop-up will have a tiny button to turn off "Precise" coordinates, so you can give an app your approximate location instead of your exact address. Now, you can use adaptive lighting for your smart bulbs so that they change color throughout the day. A new app takes the guesswork out of finding a reliable place to remotely work. One of the coolest parts … In the "Library" tab, there are links to Playlists, Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres, Downloaded, etc. This allows for a more natural layout and more expansive app views. Before, to hide alerts for certain threads, you'd have to go into the thread's information pane to use the toggle or swipe left on the conversation and use the "Hide Alerts" button. So when you need to direct something to someone specific, they may not see it — until now. I opened my laptop to see note history and whether I can retrieve what imI lost, it told me permission denied! If you want to move one to your home screen, you can do so from the App Library. It even works in one-on-one conversations. Thankfully, iOS 14 has fixed this, so images and videos remain selected so you can quickly press the trash icon (right GIF below). All translations by Apple were done in Siri on iOS before, but converting one language into another is a huge deal, one that would benefit from a dedicated app. Unknown display on iPad 7,5. It's just one of the many ways Apple made things more compact across the system. At the end of all of your home screen pages is a new feature called App Library, which houses folder-like collections for Suggestions, Recently Added, and intelligently curated smart groups that you can browse through easily. Well, it won't look any different on the viewfinder screen, but after you take the selfie, you'll notice the image flipped. It's easier to browse and sort the Apple Arcade catalog. And read complete-sentence descriptions for images and photos. when needed. Music is one of the apps with a new widget. If you record a file from your Apple Watch, you'll see an "Apple Watch" folder here too. These guides could be anything from cool places to eat, places to shop, parks to visit in your city, spots to meet friends, trails to hike in your region, and other exploratory subjects. But now, you can also tap-and-hold, then swipe, and you're fasting scrolling through the pages. For example, if you want to know when a car enters your driveway but don't want an alert whenever a vehicle drives past your house, you can set a zone just for the driveway.

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