how to unroll a painting

The painting appraised at $15,000 – $25,000. My heart sunk when I received an email telling me about the prints the bubbles had made. Washington, DC: The AAM Press, pg. It is very slippery on one side and heavy paper on the other side. [24], Conserving . You have to tape it down of course. To add to you glass suggestion. Telescoping is great because it reduces waste and adds an extra layer of cardboard wherever the boxes overlap. I try to plan my folds so that they are on this axis. Beware wrapping your painting in plastic when it is varnished, it can stick to the painting doing damage to the work. Proper storage with climate and lighting controls are important especially depending on the support structure. Use the Airfloat Systems box 5166L. I would dearly appreciate your experienced help. I know this first-hand: Some of the boxes I receive at the gallery are packed atrociously. I will definitely use it in the future. This will save you money, and often you can schedule a delivery driver to pick up the package from your studio, saving you a drive as well. You’ll pay far less in the long run for this kind of insurance than you will for the carrier coverage. Let it sit for a couple more … Regards When you do sell one, it's considerably cheaper to roll it up for packaging. I’m shipping a painting from NC to the Philippines. Recently I tried two of their “art boxes”. Your supplier’s sizes may vary slightly, but most will have boxes very close to these dimensions. The Homeland Security Department has a list of things that you can’t ship without declaring them, and as long as you’re not shipping something on that list, you shouldn’t have any issues. Avoid pressing a box into service beyond that lifespan, especially if you are shipping to a customer. I want to lasercut that part out of a plane area and bend it afterwards. Thank you, Jason and everyone else for the great tips. You will need a heavy duty cardboard tube with an inside diameter of about 3 inches/7.5 centimeters. They were wonderful, and I thought the cost was extremely good. Now I wrap the painting in BEFORE wrapping in bubble wrap. A good tool will last years; you’ll want to rid yourself of a poor one as quickly as possible. With a little careful planning you can minimize the environmental impact of your art shipping activity. We had to get it there before the grand opening, undamaged. By using The Spruce Crafts, you accept our. We carry our own insurance to cover these kinds of costs if they occur. [23], Black Light or Luminous Paint is typically made up of fluorescent dyes mixed into paint. I would love to learn how to do the packaging and preparing of the artwork for shipping so as to be able to pass that savings on to my clients. I love the plastic wrap and use it often but great idea to put it around the paintings prior to boxing. Take off the rubber bands, being careful not to squeeze the edges of your item. [35] Over exposure can also cause discoloration and loss of lustre. The effects of these pollutants can include discoloration or corrosion of a paintings surface. Thank you for the well informed step by step instruction. Secure the lid of the tube and secure with tape for additional security. The effects of these pollutants includes deterioration of the object, acidification, discoloration or staining on an object, speed up degradation processes caused by oxygen, water vapor, or other pollutants. [8], Both visible and ultraviolet light can cause damage to paintings. I used UPS and they made it so easy (thank you) but I’m wondering about shipping a bunch of paintings to a gallery for resale. Now we are ready to slide this whole, neat package into the cardboard box. I need to know of a good art shipper for artwork from San Diego to Cincinnati. Environmental and Display Guidelines for Paintings. As you all may know, with oil painting, each additional layer of paint should contain more oil than the layer below to allow proper drying. Thank you! In short, the tape cutting process is a combination of tension created by my thumb holding the tape roll while I pull on the gun, and twisting my wrist so the blade can bite through the tape. Again, damaged artwork costs you far more than slightly higher shipping fees. I had the notion to pkg the artwork the same way that Amazon ships flat screen TV’s—using styrofoam to “float” the artwork in a similarly sized box. We then shipped it directly to a framer in Florida without the glass, and the framer then cut the Museum glass to fit and put the painting back together and delivered it to the client. Can you advise anyone? I had a question: what about framed work? I made the same mistake with bubble wrap once, with the same results – only once. The best method of controlling the environment is by using a centralized climate control or HVAC system where incoming air is washed, cleaned, heated, or cooled, adjusted to specific conditions, and then injected into the storage space. Also Uline has minimum amounts which are mostly more than I need or want. Now I hear that there is also a customs fee and maybe even taxes? Marion Boddy-Evans is a writer and an artist who specialized in quilting. But it is my understanding that they only go up and down the east coast. You know, I must be really anal because I use glassine over the front of the painting since hearing about a mishap with the paint/varnish sticking to the wrap. Providing the proper care to each of these materials ensures that the overall condition of the painting is protected. I called the trace department and have submitted the image of painting for them to locate the package. Information is king, after all!). Hi.. What happens when the canvas is bigger than the maximum size cardboard box that I can find? I usually apply just one layer of wrap to the large flat sides of the art – the bubble wrap isn’t doing much in the way of protection here anyway. I don’t know what it is called? For other shows I have used Fedex. Anything that won’t tear into the foil is a possibility. Authored Statements: ysureican Fogarty. Ideas or thoughts, please? Plastic can also trap moisture against the surface. long-nose pliers), try a flat screwdriver rather than something sharp like a pair of scissors. High temperature softens paint. For example, cracks can form in a gesso ground due to the embrittlement and movement of its support, then become visible in the paint film. Learner, T. J. Something with texture, such as bubble wrap, may 'imprint' itself on the paint (called ferrotyping). Thank you for a very good article and the informative responses. My goal is that if the glass breaks, I want to ensure that the glass needs to be held together by the tape and not damage the painting or the client. Also, don't use any material that is coarse or textured (like bubble wrap) against your painting, since this can imprint itself onto your painting. [2] The first steps to conservation and restoration is preventive conservation followed by active restoration with the artist's intent in mind. If a package exceeds a certain size threshold, the carrier will charge you based on the size or the actual weight; whichever is greater. Which shippers do you recommend? Again, thanks for the great advice!

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