how to install b2evolution

Most web hosting accounts offer this as a standard feature. This script will ask you for your base url (something like if you uploaded b2evolution at the root of your website) as well as the credentials for the MySQL database to use (four strings you saved in the previous step). If you want to install b2evolution on an intranet, you are probably an IT professional already. your experience and our advertising relevance. If this is all new to you, please follow these guidelines: FTP 101: How to upload and manage files on your web server. Under the public URL, there’s the source code field, just copy and paste the following link “”. This helps us identify more relevant ads to consumers and to improve If you were to sign up with an online service instead, in order to publish your data, you would be giving up some of your privacy and some of your property rights, you would never fully control who accesses your private data or not (the classic Facebook problem) and you would never have an opportunity to move your stuff somewhere else, in case things go wrong. (FTP means File Transfer Protocol). For more information about b2evolution, please visit If automated installation is not available, let us show you how to perform a manual installation. Simply select the New Installation option and decide if you wish to add sample data on your new website. A good starter plan will cost between $2 to $5 per month, depending on what promo you may get; Either choose a new domain to register or enter the domain name you already own; Check which add-ons you want (depends widely on the webhost; if you are unsure, get the add-ons later, when you really need them); Your web host will (almost instantly in most cases) send you an email with your username and password as well as a link to their web hosting Control Panel (often called CPanel). b2evolution is a free, powerful software engine that will allow you to build a full-featured public or private website (including intranet/extranet), and manage it efficiently over time. After that you will have to preparate the files of the b2evolution installation and then upload them to the server. The first step of the installation process is to access the Softaculous... Configure the Installation Settings. Once you have downloaded the ZIP file, extract the contents of the archive (a b2evolution folder) into the XAMPP htdocs folder. Also create a user and grant this user db ownership permission to the database. First, you need to extract the files on your local computer. Create a Database (DB) for b2evolution to use, Installing b2evolution on that web hosting account. The Debian based operating system contains several pre-installed software like Firefox, transmiss For additional details, see: Typical Web Hosting Installation with Automated Installer. In the end you should end up with 4 pieces of information similar to the ones below. In case something goes wrong, here’s a few links that should solve 99% of possible problems: Unbelievable! Leave everything as it’s and click on “Create Application” tab at the end of the page. Now you want to use your web browser and go to the installation script which is part of the b2evolution files you uploaded earlier. You will notice there are several versions available. This will download a .zip file to your computer which you should unzip. … Cookie Policy. The process requires a few steps for a full completion and we will review them one by one to make sure you set up your website properly. Download the latest stable version of b2evolution available at to the server and extract the downloaded archive to the document root of your web server using the following commands: All this content will be stored in a database. With b2evolution, you own the system that contains your data. The installation of the b2evolution application will now be automatically handled by the system. First, you need to decide where you would like to install the application. Just let us point you to some relevant information for configuring b2evolution for intranets: Intranet setup. Simply follow our MySQL Wizard tutorial for information on that. Once you locate the files of the b2evolution installation, you will have to upload them to your account on the server. I get file permission errors. For example, if you are installing b2evolution within the public_html/ directory of your account, you will have to access your domain name directly. You should be able to, A self-hosted, open-source solution like b2evolution CMS guarantees all of that. If you don’t have a domain yet, the easiest will be to purchase it at the same time you sign up for a web hosting account. LAMP is the most common web hosting platform available on the Internet. If you’d like a guided tour before installing, go to the Guided Tour. This folder contains a file called index.html which you can double click to get further instructions (sometimes available in several languages) or you can read on here…. When you complete the setup configuration above, you are ready to initiate the actual installation. Privacy | How to manage your applications in Softaculous Depending on your hosting account you may be allowed to create 1, 2 or more databases. Get the hi-perf one!). So here’s what you should end up with: Copy/paste all that info into a safe place and take a deep breath; the hardest part is over ;). Here, you will be requested to enter the details for the database that will be used on your website. It is also possible to install multiple b2evolution instances into a single database. This is the fastest way to install b2evolution. b2evolution is easy to install; get started in minutes! It should be smooth sailing from there…. Install powerful blogging software b2evolution in under 5 minutes. It will typically say "Website under construction" and maybe show a logo from your web hosting company. Connect to the webspace where b2evolution is installed via FTP and upload the unzipped folder into the skins/ folder of your b2evolution installation. If you currently runing your website and content on other CMS like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla you may want to give b2evolution CMS a try… To call the installation script, you will have to access your new website via your web browser. Without them, our website cannot function properly and we cannot provide any service. Once you create your new database and a user, you can edit the following fields on the installation screen: When you are ready with the details for the new website, click on the "Update Config File" button to proceed. We recommend you install it at the root ( / ) instead of a subfolder. Now… being in control actually requires a minimum amount of effort to… well… be in control. Among the thousands of web hosting providers that meet these requirements, you may select one depending on several criteria, depending on what matters to you: The choice can be a bit daunting.

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