hospital playlist recap ep 1

Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. He’s so cute! It is even better when that philanthropic person is a sexy doctor with a heart of gold. Much respect by the way to the actors for playing their respective instruments. However, instead of repentance, the chairman was selfish to the end, ordering Seok-hyung to quit his job and take over the company. Same with you, even though I support Ik-jun and Song-hwa, I'm find if the end of the series Song-hwa remains single. We then flashback to that day before seeing all 5 singing and playing music as a band in 1999. I personally think it sound much like Song-hwa's depiction. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Jae-hak tells him to ask her directly because she has the answer. I get that CH likes SH a lot but this dialogue was surprising because I have expected more from him as a doctor - to focus fully and consider the best options for his progression as a doctor. SH was a nice character. It was just a dream and I believe you have nailed precisely the reason why he held on to that dream. There is no love triangle or square, thank goodness. It also shows life and death, it doesn’t focus on a doctor miraculously saving the day every time no matter how skilled they are, sometimes; patients die even with the utmost care. Ik-joon explains that he was asking about the criteria needed to qualify for a brain-dead donor, and Hong-do hangs his head since he doesn’t know. As always, thanks to @lovepark for your insightful recap and all other beanies sharing their thoughts - although shipwar could be annoying. It did seem that way especially when his desk drawers were empty. By setting a deadline, Gyu-wool was forced to make a decision, and for these two slowpokes, I think the external push factor was needed. He is the youngest son of the hospital chairman who is on the verge of death. Contrary to the older couple, she never got to see her child grow up, but that doesn’t make her loss any less tragic. I cheered so hard for that guy when he came up with the idea to try that surgery technique. The perfect example is Seok-hyung, who laughs while watching variety shows on his phone in his office, but his face falls when someone knocks on his door. I almost forgot! Min-ha tries to explain to a cranky mother that today isn’t even their busiest day, but Seok-hyung stops her. Even then the writer has not revealed yet to her how Song-hwa felt towards each man. Granted IJ could have done better, but I'm still glad it happened because on other days, sober and calm IJ may have just chickened out again and bury his feelings so as to not disturb the friendship. Meanwhile, Joon-wan decides to meet with his patient’s guardians and tells them that the bleeding won’t stop. CH could probably sense it, which would explain why he felt challenged and drove IJ to a corner during the drinking session. I wonder whether the difference in writing from today’s typical romance or the speed of the relationship is the biggest reason.”. Kmuse: I am enjoying this show so much. This drama made me feel all sorts of emotions and its mostly happy things. In a time of unrest and great injustice in the world, Hospital Playlist offered a moment of comfort. “Hospital Playlist” Is Shockingly Amazing- Episode 1 To 6 Review, First Ever Photos Of WINNER Kim Jin Woo And Seunghoon In The Military Revealed, MAMAMOO Solar Shamed For Wearing A See-Through Skirt. On his way out, he receives a call about a package—the ring was returned. Ik-joon visits Song-hwa at her new apartment and asks for advice. And this final episode made me weep like a baby, and squeal in delight over winter garden, and smile like an ahjumma over U Ju, ahh. I loved so much about this last episode. I don't mind it so much with this one. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page The silent moment of solidarity of the patients waiting outside, each holding onto to their child, only emphasized the weight of the loss and the shared understanding of loss and grief. She tells him she doesn’t have time then turns her attention back to Jun-Wan whom she berates for not telling her that her boyfriend was cheating on her. She probably told SY it's Jwon she likes. }; While most children know that they have to say good-bye to their parents one day, it doesn’t make the loss any easier or less painful. Thank you @lovepark! And then I found myself bouncing from ChiHong to IkJoon and felt she could be with any of them or with none. As Song-Hwa and Jun-Wan share a coffee, Seok-Min arrives to try convincing her to do Hyeong-U’s surgery as he doesn’t believe Professor Min is the best choice. Icing on the cake is the finale song in "Me to You, You to Me" - my absolute personal favourite since "The Classic" movie. I didn't really catch that he liked her so the kiss surprised me. I just love the attention to details and the way they edit the footage to pan from one scene to another. I was nervous like ikjoon when confessing, like song hwa when listening. And I agree with you: Jung Won's feelings were never opaque. He asks if he’s going to the airport tomorrow to see Ik-soon off, and Ik-joon wonders how he knew about his sister’s departure date. Found out about the PD-Writer team and was delighted. I read that same interview and there’s nowhere there that he confirmed IkJun is Song Hwa’s first love. Just press play and spend some time with a great group of people. We know for sure that SH and IJ did like each other in the past, and IJ still have feelings for her now. Luckily, Jung-won finally came to a conclusion by then, and returned her feelings. Home » Drama Korea » SINOPSIS Hospital Playlist Episode 1 – 12 Terakhir, Last updated on Juni 4, 2020 I also found out that in Korean culture, Portulaca Grandiflora symbolizes someone as pretty (가련), pure (청순), and innocent (천진난만). Please enter your username or email address. I kept wanting to give him a shake and ask him - don't you realize you are already serving God? Season 2 come soon!!! var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; For the most part, she kept her crush a secret (though as the saying goes, you can’t hide sneezing or love), and it was only at the end that she let herself be completely vulnerable in a final attempt to keep him from leaving. And perhaps he was not aware of his own feelings, but just reacting. He was ok with having dinner with the others but not with her. I repeat, winter garden has sailed! So I think Jung Wan is thinking if she intentionally gave a wrong address? she did mention the address was slightly complicated.. why did he have to look so worried at the returned parcel? I think he wrestled with whether to act on it or not. They discuss Song-Hwa’s dilemma about Hyeong-U. I can sense the writer either spent time in an actual hospital monitoring doctors or had doctors give their input to help with the writing for the drama. Connect with Facebook By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. I liked that he ask her to take her time, and will not do something against her wishes. Since her son was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, she didn’t want to leave someone’s precious daughter a widow. I have LOVED this show. Click Here To Read Our Full Season Write Up. On his break, Jung-won stops by Song-hwa’s office and offers to rescind his request about the Daddy-Long-Legs program since Song-hwa’s health comes first. After coming to terms with his blunder, Joon-wan sits numbly at his desk and reads the messages Ik-soon sent him before she left. Anyway, I'm super relieved that Jung-won decided to stay at the hospital because that's his real calling. Poor guy had to carry the weight of the family legacy on his shoulders. The family thanks him for saving their daughter, recognizing the many nights he stayed up because of it. But for sure they are in for a lot of teasing from friends and some unfamiliar territory that comes with new relationships. I knew that he kept his private thoughts and feelings very well hidden from nearly all his family and friends so the kiss was a bit of a surprise but certainly in the realm of possibility. Telzeytalks: I agree, these are very likable characters, they are all different, and we already sympathize with them all. In responding above I purposely left out Rosa when listing the Catholic members of Jun-won’s family (his 2 brothers and sisters). It takes a great actor to take this off-key role and make him feel known to viewers. Thankfully though, the results are in and the boy doesn’t have any brain injury. Agree. It's a shame we have to wait a whole year for season 2 but for now i'm happy that there is more to come. I’m sure everyone will hope he gets a girl (ANY GIRL) by the end, but I’m here for the friendship and family relationships.

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