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The school is a member of the Independent School League. Media in category "Groton School alumni" The following 17 files are in this category, out of 17 total. Introduce yourself, employ, or offer to act as a mentor to fellow alumni. This list may not reflect recent changes . The names listed below are alumni who have been searched for on this site from Groton Schoolin Groton, Massachusetts. Introduce yourself, employ, or offer to act as a mentor to fellow alumni. © 2019 Groton School. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (, ; January 30, 1882 – April 12, 1945), often referred to by... What Was Franklin And Eleanor Roosevelt's Relationship Really Like? The Greatest Actors Who Have Never Won an Oscar (for Acting). Form Secretaries solicit updates from formmates to share in the Quarterly. Many Form Secretaries maintain form Facebook groups to keep formmates informed and connected. Groton School Mission: To inspire lives of character, scholarship, leadership, and service within a diverse, inclusive, and close-knit community. Groton relies on our alumni volunteers to keep alumni connected, raise annual funds, and engage Grotonians across the country and the world. Language; Watch; Edit; This article needs additional citations for verification. The GWN also strives to sustain the school’s call to service by supporting community engagement projects, both globally and locally. In a world, where more people travel every day, we’re all going to need to work together to solve the complex problems of the future. We are a group of concerned Groton alumni who wrote a letter to Groton about the school’s role in perpetuating systemic racism, both on its campus and as a member of society. Thank you! I grew up thinking that’s what the Groton motto, Associate Director of Development and Alumni Affairs. To better organize, update other concerned alumni, and to identify individual skill sets that can be leveraged to move these solutions and Groton’s antiracist efforts moving forward, we’ve created this form. The list of names is also useful for getting together a Groton School reunion if you don't have a complete list of the students from your graduating class of You can donate to antiracist organizations from our original letter or log donations inspired by that letter. There are many famous alumni in business, government and the professions, including Franklin D. Roosevelt. Click on the Yearbooks below to view a copy Online at®. The level of dysfunction and political posturing is dangerous . Director of Development and Alumni Affairs, Assistant to the Director of Development and Alumni Affairs, Report Writer, Parent Programs Coordinator. List of famous alumni from Groton School, with photos when available. Groton instilled in me a joy of learning and an exuberant work ethic, which eased me through college and law school. Our global community is at your fingertips by using our GrotonConnect or connecting with our Alumni Office. DONATE. Career Advisory volunteers contribute to both Groton's legacy of service and the professional development of a Grotonian in transition. Contribute to our alumni-led fundraiser for antiracist organizations before December 31, 2020. Connect: Give back: Expand: The school is a member of the Independent School League. © 2019 Groton School. And activities often spark friendships among graduates who did not know each at Groton. GWN's regional chapters have planned a large variety of events: GWN members have volunteered at a women’s shelter, cooked together with instruction from an alumna chef, toured the National Gallery of Art, collected items for a holiday toy drive, viewed a CBS "60 Minutes" segment, handed out Thanksgiving food packages, and attending an art workshop for mothers and children. There are places all over Capitol Hill and in every state for dedicated Grotonians to serve the legislative branch of federal and state governments. These gifts help preserve the endowment, ensuring that Groton continues to provide an exceptional education for both current students and generations to come. We realize that a Groton School year book may be hard to find so registering to complete your school's Virtual Yearbook Steeped in Groton’s rich environment for five formative years, I learned to love the work needed for mastery of skills, to focus and think clearly despite distractions and risk, and to understand and serve the needs of others. Groton depends on the generous support of its extended family. To receive a customized list of career advisors in your field or region, please contact Allison MacBride at 978-448-7588, or go to GrotonConnect and filter by your desired field. We hope you’ll get involved—it’s a great way to stay in touch with formmates, friends, and the school. Tuition, room and board and required fees in 2014–15 amounted to $56,700 (with books extra); 38% of the students receive financial aid. The Alumni Career Advisory Program is not a job placement service, so please expect nothing more than good advice. The community at Groton makes each student aware of his part in it, and therefore his contribution to it. Each year parents, alumni, grandparents, faculty, and friends help the Groton Fund reach its goal, bolstering the school’s fiscal strength. Leverage your professional network to meet people you should know. We are a group of concerned Groton alumni who wrote a letter to Groton about the school’s role in perpetuating systemic racism, both on its campus and as a member of society. It can provide an effective way to research occupations, prepare for interviews, uncover job markets, or become familiar with a new area. Groton School Alumni Class List . Groton's Alumni Office and the GrotonConnect site can help you establish professional contacts, whether you are moving, looking for a new opportunity, or exploring an entirely new field. Please click on "Support" above if you would like to make a gift online. Prominent graduates from Groton School include celebrities, politicians, business people, athletes and more. Whether I am presenting my research to a thousand people gathered in Beijing or encouraging a despondent student in my office, Groton’s fingerprints are there. A Democrat,... Edward Roland Noel "Bunny" Harriman (December 24, 1895 – February 16, 1978) was an American... William Averell Harriman (November 15, 1891 – July 26, 1986), better known as Averell... William Woodward Sr. (April 7, 1876 – September 25, 1953) was an American banker and major... Archibald Bulloch "Archie" Roosevelt (April 10, 1894 – October 13, 1979), the fifth child of... Quentin Roosevelt (November 19, 1897 – July 14, 1918) was the youngest son of President... Francis Beverley Biddle (May 19, 1886 – October 4, 1968) was an American lawyer and judge who... Elizabeth Curtis Sittenfeld (born 1975) is an American writer.

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