goddess of flowers name

There are several variations of the spellings of this Goddess name including: Freyja, Freyr and Freyja. "name" : "Flo Health Inc.", "Violet has been a popular name in the US and has a dual meaning. In Homer’s the Odyssey, Odysseus and his men, after escaping from the island of the witch, Circe, take refuge upon the land of the Lotus Eaters, whose inhabitants existed exclusively on a diet of lotus flowers (thought to be of the Egyptian Blue Water Lily type of Lotus (Nymphaea); it has also been speculated that they may have been eating poppies.). "This name holds a sweet lilt to it. One day whilst out hunting alone, Adonis was wounded by a wild boar. ", Her name is said to be derived from the Greek word hekas meaning "far off" describing her unworldly, shamanic nature. Persephone (Greek) - Daughter of Demeter and Queen of the Underworld. (Roman) - Goddess of marriage, pregnancy and childbirth. There are several different theories about the origin of her name, one school of thought says it comes from an ancient word for “safe” and another argues that it means “strong limbed.” Either way the suggestion is that this maiden Goddess has the strength and ability to protect herself from any unwanted attention. 25 of the Most Famous Ancient Greek Statues and Sculptures - Where Are They Now? In Greek mythology, the name Chloris means “greenish-yellow”, “pale green”, “pale”, “pallid”, or “fresh”, and she  was a nymph or goddess, connected to spring, flowers and new growth. The orchid is one of the most delicate, graceful, and exotic flowers there is. The Greek word for poppy is παπαρούνα–paparouna. (Sumerian) - Goddess of Attalu, the land of the dead and ancestral memories. Juno (Roman) - Goddess of marriage, pregnancy and childbirth. Unfortunately, the same wizard, (who was actually Llew’s uncle) that created and lured the spirit of Blodeuwedd into human form, loved Llew. Flora  (Roman) The Goddess of flowering plants, especially those that bore fruit. ,"text" : [ And there are many paths the story takes here, all leading to one event, a chance meeting, perhaps it was by a river, perhaps it was in the woods she lived, that she met an incredibly handsome hunter. (Greek) - Goddess of the stars, she escaped the advances of Zeus by changing into a quail. Llew was not the shining sun she so loved, but he was not a horrible person. Demeter (Greek) - Goddess of the harvest who possessed great knowledge of the best way to grow, preserve and harvest grain. Leto (Greek) - Mother of the twin Olympians, Apollo and Artemis. This awakened in her, feelings she had not known before. Her Greekcounter… William Blake, Hecate or the Three Fates (ca 1795). Flora (Roman) – Goddess of flowers. These are the Goddesses of creation and destruction. In this story, the beautiful maiden was created out of three flowers. Well, for most of us, hearing flower girl names make us think of someone beautiful and delicate, like the personification of a flower. She later took over from Luna as the Roman Goddess of the moon, responsible for fertility and childbirth. Many considered her to be an important deity in Roman mythology, even though she never took a high position among Roman deities. (Celtic) – Goddess of the sacred waters, her shrine is found Willow also means ‘peaceful’, as the name’s lilt and sound suggest. Mnemosyne (Greek) - The Goddess linked to memory and the mother of the Muses. Baubo (Greek) - A bawdy, crone Goddess who lifted her skirt in front of Demeter. Isis’s name comes from the Egyptian word “asset” which means "she of throne" in other words the Queen of the Goddesses. This white flower symbolizes love and romance, as it is ideal for moon gardens. Our modern word clemency stems from the ideals this Goddess represents. In Greek mythology the lotus-eaters (λωτοφάγοι, lotofagi), were a race of people living on an island dominated by the Lotus tree, the lotus fruits and flowers were the primary food of the island and were a narcotic, causing the inhabitants to sleep in peaceful apathy. Violets were also placed on graves of young children, as the flower lent hope of resurrection of young souls. Overcome by sadness, Hermes transformed crocus into a flower, the three drops of blood, which had fallen from the head of Crocus, became the stigmata of the crocus flower. "2. Her name means she who renews and has several alternative spellings including Indun, Iduna and Idhunna. (Greek) - Goddess of health, cleanliness and sanitation. 1875. "11. In traditional societies Autumn/Fall was not considered to be a separate season, it was the harvest at the end of summer. Herodotus, the fifth century BC Greek historian, was convinced that the lotus-eaters were not a myth but reality and existed in his day, on an island off the coast of Libya. Her name is derived from the Sanskrit word “laksya” meaning aim or goal. Her name is a mystery; it speaks of a contradictory role for this Goddess, before her alignment to the matronly, Greek Goddess, Hera. Goddess. (Celtic) - The terrifying crow Goddess associated with war and death on the battlefield. Today the word "flora" is used to indicate all plantlife. (Roman) - Goddess of wisdom, medicine and crafts. Are you having a daughter soon? (Greek) - A bawdy, crone Goddess who lifted her skirt in front of Demeter. Iris is also a beautiful, lavender plant that represents hope, faith, courage, wisdom, and admiration. The aster is also a symbol of Aphrodite (Venus), the goddess of love. Hera (Greek) - Queen of the Olympians and Goddess of marriage and birth. The root, bark, seed and flowers were all believed to have medicinal uses and were used to treat stomach pains, bladder issues, jaundice and even nightmares. Kore (Greek) Kore is an alternative name for the Greek Goddess Persephone. ", Flora (Roman) – Goddess of flowers. Minerva (Roman) - Goddess of wisdom, medicine and crafts. But as a result of many arranged marriages, once married, she just resigned to her fate, discontent but not truly knowing why. He was asleep to her unhappiness and didn’t think twice before he exposed the ways – bragged really – in which he could be killed, which was very much like a riddle. You can give your baby girl this floral name for a unique twist to generic flower names. ", Iris is also a beautiful, lavender plant that represents hope, faith, courage, wisdom, and admiration. She prevented the creation from reverting to chaos and judged the deeds of the dead with her feather. Her role was to serve the nectar and ambrosia to the Gods and Goddesses that prevented them from aging. Where his body parts fell, an extraordinary fleshy plant took root; the flowers portrayed Orchis’ beauty, while the two bulbous root tubers symbolized the sin which brought about his misfortune. The name Juniper sounds sweet and simple, but unique all the same. ", Theseus forgot to change his sail and sailed into Athens with a black sail.

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