gabal sin bishar

Gabal Sin Bishar (also called Jebel Sin Bishar or Mount Sin Bishar) is a mountain located in west-central Sinai. When shattered, however, the solid granite revealed an interior that was ivory in color. He gives several more reasons why this more northern spot fits the Biblical account. According to Jewish historian Josephus' account, Mount Sinai was the highest peak in the region, and Jebel Sin Bishar fits that description as the highest peak in that area of the Western Sinai. Jebel Sin Bishar, Egypt’s Western Sinai Peninsula. He would not have fled to the Sinai Peninsula, where archaeology shows that Pharaoh had multiple mining interests and military outposts. Sinai and Mt. Congratulations on this excellent venture… what a great idea! Under an already searing sun, Bob wrote in his Bible as he realized that life would never again be the same. Key Biblical Locations That Point to Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia, Timeline: The Tradition of Mount Sinai’s Arabian Location, Proto-Hebrew Inscriptions In Mount Sinai Area, Jabal al-Lawz/Jabal Maqla in Saudi Arabia. I hold a very high view of the veracity of the biblical text, and Scripture speaks for itself as to the correct Exodus route." -- What is the location of the real Mount Sinai? Exodus 2:15 reveals more. The candidates in southern Sinai are much further away. There are graves and pottery from the middle Bronze Age. Josephus writes that the mountain was the highest mountain in its surroundings. Gabal Sin Bishar (or Mount Sin Bishar) is a mountain located in west-central Sinai. It would not make sense to claim that Jebel Sin Bishar makes a better candidate than a closer mountain such as Jabal Maqla, or another such as Mount Seir, when Jebel Sin Bishar is much further away from a candidate for Kadesh-Barnea. Egyptian Mines: According to his research, the southern Sinai was controlled by the Egyptians, and they maintained military garrisons in the region to guard the copper and turquoise mines. The Suder valley fits the wilderness described in the Bible. [1] This location was used for Zondervan's NIV Atlas of the Bible.[2][3]. -- Mt. Sinai: The Real Mt. They also discovered a large V-shaped, sacrificial altar with ancient ash more than eight feet deep (Muslims don't offer burnt sacrifices). I use WIKI 2 every day and almost forgot how the original Wikipedia looks like. We have created a browser extension. Required fields are marked *. Helal: A mountain in northern Sinai. My life was changed at that moment," Cornuke remembers from his office at the Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration (B.A.S.E.) It was proposed to be the biblical Mount Sinai by Menashe Har-El, a biblical geographer at Tel Aviv University in his book The Sinai Journeys: The Route of the Exodus. One of the arguments for this location, particularly from Gordon Franz, is that this is a location from which the Israelites could have traveled to Kadesh-Barnea in about eleven days (according to Deuteronomy 1:2). -- THE SEARCH FOR THE REAL MT. Sinai is not that difficult to ascertain. In southern Sinai, there are numerous oases, but they are not mentioned in the Bible (yet the Bible mentions in detail other oases and natural features on the Exodus route). Sinai. However, the Exodus account mentions several oases where the Israelites stopped on their journey. He led the flock far into the wilderness and came to Sinai, the mountain of God. The Bible makes several references to Moses returning to Egypt from Midian, including Exodus 4:19 where we read, Before Moses left Midian, the Lord said to him, “Return to Egypt, for all those who wanted to kill you have died.” All passages associated with Moses’ stay in Midian point toward present-day Saudi Arabia as the area to which Moses fled, subsequently met God at the burning bush, and then returned with the children of Israel. If Kadesh-Barnea was further northward, such as Ein Qadeish, Jebel Sin Bishar and Jabal Maqla would be approximately the same distance, over 350 km. Since cattle are not indigenous to the area, Cornuke and Williams concluded that this could have been the altar on which Aaron, the brother of Moses, erected the infamous golden calf. He also links Gabal Sin Bishar with the way stations and travel times the Jewish people took toward the Promised Land when they left Mount Sinai. If Ein Qadeish is Kadesh-Barnea, then both locations would likely become untenable for an eleven-day travel in the ancient world. A location further to the west would be more likely, since it is further away from these areas. But the present state of research on Jebel al-Lawz requires that this remain only a rather tentative hypothesis. Franz suggests that Jebel Sin Bishar is the mountain that fits the distance to this location, and that another location, such as the St. Catherine's mountain or Jabal Maqla in Saudi Arabia are both too far to traverse in that time frame. You could also do it yourself at any point in time. "Gabal Sin Bishar" means "the reporting of the law" or "the laws of man", and this is the only mountain where, possibly, the name "Sinai" has been preserved in the name "sin". Unfortunately, due to an Egyptian military presence near Gabal Sin Bishar, the ability of archeologists to further investigate this location is not an option. Moses stared in amazement. Institute in Colorado Springs. Perhaps it is time for research on the location of the Mt. There were copper and turquoise mines in southern Sinai that may have been guarded by the Egyptian army. Now this is the highest of all the mountains thereabout, and the best for pasturage, the herbage being there good; and it had not been before fed upon, because of the opinion men had that God dwelt there, the shepherds not daring to ascend up to it” - Josephus Flavius, Antiquities of the Jews, II:12. Natural conditions in the southern Sinai would not have allowed for enough food (other than fish) for the Jewish people to survive. Egypt-to-Saudi Arabia Red Sea Crossing Candidates, Why the Red Sea Crossing Was Not At the Gulf of Suez, The Problems With Modern Exodus Red Sea Theories. SINAI : Experts and Scholars Reviews: Cornuke and Williams had reached the pinnacle of an exhausting journey as they followed the literal directions in their Bible. the southern Sinai peninsula (including the traditional location of Gabal Horeb), the Suder valley in the west-central Sinai peninsula. In Egypt's Western Sinai Peninsula is Jebel Sin Bishar, or simply Mount Sin Bishar. Exodus 19 - Where is the real Mount Sinai?

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