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As you might guess, it is the big picture of the recruiting and returning players that for me is very interesting to watch, predict and enjoy as it unfolds. Wildcats haul in seven new players in fall NLI window LEXINGTON – November 19, 2020 The Kentucky Softball team announced on Thursday that it has signed the No. Back To Topics. Guys you gotta understand, All ESPNSEC teams get bonus points so they will always be rated higher than those outside of the conference. Emmy committed to the home-state Sooners in November of 2017.The low 50's ranking is consistent with her previous rankings I have seen which indicates she is continuing to excel.- - - - - - -I will report on the following remaining commitments as they are announced next week Mon - Fri.- Quincee Lilio, UT (usually Top 10)- Turiya Coleman, C/UT (usually Top 15)- Alexx Waitman, SS (usually Top 15)- Jordyn Bahl P (usually Top 25, but expected to rise)- Sophia Nugent C (has been ranked previously but expected to rise significantly)Boomer Sooner! He does a great job and I have learned about most recruits from him first by what he posts there. SEC biased big time. How many players can you put on the field at the same time? But its pretty easy to tell who had the best class. 6. She is also selling something that not every college can sell. Combine that with the fact that the Sooners return three players (Jaurez, Alo, and Green) who are considered to be in the top 25 players nationally in college softball) it seems the Sooners will be making a bang in the years to come! My guess is that maybe one will not sign with the Sooners. Offensively, she hit .405 with a .510 on-base percentage. Metacafe,  ALL 6 OU players were ranked in the top 100 and 5 were in the top 50. But it is very nice to see Kendall play college softball somewhere. Dailymotion,  Once again we see the hogwash of counting the number of commits as well as the ranking of individual commits. There are 2 pitchers and 4 fielders in this group. Due to all of that, I think the transfers will be minimal. There will be 3 fifth-year Seniors. They should do an average points and not an overall point total. She was included in the Extra Innings 2021 Extra Elite top 100 rankings at 98th. (This may be due to the Johns-transfer, or it may not, If one does not sign, that leaves 26 players for the Sooners for the 2022 season. I think we might see that more than we normally do. That will probably become the new norm for a while. By 'attrition next year' I am guessing you mean that "transfer word", right? She is successfully selling and providing to her recruits the ability to spend four years in Norman playing a game they love and also learning in a very good way how to become a young successful woman when they graduate. I do not expect any of these 2022 players to break into the starting lineup except for Jordyn Bahl who should pitch her share and perhaps play some in the field or DH. The young ladies also get to do this in an environment that is rare these days. She then pitched in 2020 as a red-shirt freshman and improved her standing. Hot 100 Rankings. Welcome to the FloSoftball Hot 100 Rankings! What? This class might increase as we get closer to that season. The other tool for the players is the ability to red-shirt and save a year of eligibility. Thanks for the information. Between money issues and graduation, my guess would be that one player might not return for her fifth year and to complete her 4 years of eligibility. All these recruits now playing or coming to Norman in the future are very good players that love to compete and want to play with the best. Note: Your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Here are the best 100 players in the class of 2021. There are four players ranked #15, and they have 43 players ranked ahead of them. The three of them caused a bit a full boat by all coming back for the 2021 year that they did not get to finish in 2020. That should be manageable for Coach Gasso. Brooke Vestal was wise to red-shirt her initial freshman season. As I have said before, I think that Coach Gasso and her staff are selling much more to the young ladies that come to play softball at Oklahoma. When you talk about OU Softball Recruiting, one of the posters that you have to mention and credit is 'cclift38'. The rankings were done by Extra Innings Softball, as the Wildcats were able to haul in five top-100 ranked players. Posted on Jan 25th, 8:09 AM, , , User Post Count: 0 . 5 of the top 12 players is hard to top. Coach Gasso will have to plan very well for the 2025 season after the big class of 9 and the class of 5 leaves the program dropping the roster by as many as 13-ish players. The breakdown would be 6 or 7 pitchers and 19 or 20 fielders. In their rankings, the more you have, the higher you rank, no matter the individual quality. I will address transfer issues later. An incoming class of 10 is a lot. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. 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The 'second-team' for the Sooners may be able to win the Big 12 in 2022. Extra Innings Softball 2021 Commitment Rankings 51-100. It's going to be a lot of fun watching the Sooner softball team compete with the other great teams and trying to bring home some more N.C. hardware in the coming years. He posts on a different blog. Yes, she sells the opportunity to play for Oklahoma in a top 3 program in the country and the excitement that entails. Their formula considers it more valuable to have nine players in the top 200, including three ranked from 101-200, than to have five players in the top 16. Jayda Coleman is in the 2020 class and Turiya Coleman is in the 2021 class. A few will decide to transfer for justifiable reasons but not many. Juarez and Saile really add quality to a full pitching bullpen but with them returning with only '5 freshman' in the circle besides them, Juarez's and Saile's presence is very helpful. The same thing happened to the 20 class. OU has five players rated higher than that. For 2022, the Sooners will have 22 players (5 pitchers and 17 fielders) on campus before the six players in the 2021 graduating class arrives in the fall of 2021. I thought she was national player of the year??? The Extra Innings Softball (EIS) publication rankings include 212 players ranked in the Top 100 players for the 2022-23 class. "From EIS"T-51—Emmy Guthrie, P/OF, Texas Glory (Oklahoma)Emmy is known for her spins and movement on her pitches as she utilizes a curve, screw and a good change-up. Extra Innings Softball has the Louisiana Ragin Cajuns as having the #1 2021 signing class. No way that Auburn's class is better. Many features may not work properly without it. Think about that. The 5 freshman will consist of 1 pitcher and 4 fielders with Nicole May perhaps playing the field in addition to pitching. Supported videos include: In what might be a change, they have listed many 'ties' in their rankings. The bonds that exist between the players are very unique and they all seem to be very special. If all three sign and play for the Sooners the roster will be up to 23 or 24. Remember: Using others' images on the web without their permission may be bad manners, or worse, copyright infringement. I thought she was national player of the year??? It's going to be a fun ride and something to enjoy for all Sooner fans. I think one of those players might not return for her fifth season. YouTube,  Laughable. )In the 51-60 grouping, Emmy Guthrie was ranked. After the 2021 season, Mendes, Juarez and Saile will be gone. Coach Gasso did not plan for it either. Unless all 10 of the top 10 are catchers. They must be using the fuzzy math formula to equate Auburn's class is better than OU's when OU has five players ranked higher than Auburn's highest ranked player.

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