dielectric constant of vegetable oil

We report The Bottcher’s model of effective medium theory is shown to be better suited for predicting the εr of the sesame oil-water mixture than the Maxwell-Garnett and Bruggeman equations of spherical solutions. The data were solved via Runge-Kutta 4,5 order using MATLAB software. This paper focused on the effect of ageing on the electrical and physicochemical properties of PO, CO, and RBO. Machining takes place due to continuous recurring of the electrons from cathode to the anode thus leads to melting and vaporization of the material. Dielectric constants and loss tangents of four common edible oils – mustard oil, olive oil, sesame oil and canola oil are measured in the 9–15 GHz range using cavity perturbation. We found that ECT and tan δ increased with The saturated fatty acid content in MESSO provides a high thermal and oxidation stability for the transformers. Moreover, the information will also be useful in the design of a microwave (MW) reactor system for oleochemical downstream process as it is dependent on the dielectric properties of the materials being processed. Accuracy of the measurement is enhanced by determining the sample volume through mass and density measurements, instead of dimensional measurements. It was found that lard showed the highest dielectric constant spectra among other animal fats, and was mainly affected by the composition of C16 and C18 fatty acids. The Kraft/cotton paper degraded at a significantly slower rate in natural ester than in mineral oil. Dielectric constant (εr) of oil samples increases with cycles of heating. This result suggests The differences in dielectric properties among these fats and oils appear to be attributable to the phase (solid vs. liquid) of the material and generally correspond to the degree of unsaturation as evidenced by iodine values. It is proposed to study and characterize the properties of natural esters to be used in power transformer. Current, gap voltage, pulse on time (Ton), and pulse off time (Toff) have been chosen as input parameters, and one variable at a time approach has been used for designing experimental plan for investigating the feasibility of the newly suggested fluids. This method reduced activation energy by 49 % as compared to the conventional heating. Due to the decomposition of these hydrocarbon oils releases carcinogenic toxic emissions like carbon dioxide, carbon mono-oxide, benzene and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons etc. Transformers in electric power distribution and transmission systems are expected to function reliably and efficiently and to do this for many years. specific to the paper and cannot be produced by general oxidation of the Based on the results, the dielectric constant and resistivity of all types of natural ester oil decreased with the increase in temperature. Three accelerated thermal ageing tests were performed on transformer vegetable oil samples at 135, 155 and 175 °C. The total combustible gas in ricinnus oil is a little bit higher than one in mineral oil. On certain cases, these products would end up back to the environment causing serious environmental pollution and hazards. The high dielectric constant values for MESSO in comparison to the mineral oil are attributed to the polar groups present in the ester. Research results indicate that high FFA yields (98 wt%) are achieved at 12 MPa and 250 °C and 1:20 oil-to-water molar ratio. A relative ordering of the main polarimetric parameters is reported in this paper. Their specific properties and chemical composition have allowed them to be used as food, lubricants, fuels and in the manufacturing of agrochemicals, plasticisers, inks, and coatings. The aim was to examine the influence of reaction parameters on the effectiveness of hydrolysis, as well as to determine the relationship between the degree of completion of hydrolysis and FAME yields. Thus, the dielectric properties of commercial palm-fatty acids from various sources in flakes and liquid states were determined within the frequency range of 0.2 GHz to 4.5 GHz at temperature range of 303 K and 443 K (stabilized within 1 °C). These special types of oils are widely used in high voltage apparatus such as power transformers, high voltage capacitors and circuit breakers. 0000008260 00000 n Traditionally, mineral oils have been most commonly used as a coolant or as electrical insulation medium. These reaction conditions are optimal in terms of FFA yields and process economics. Paper degradation after aging is determined using paper tensile strength and degree of polymerization measurements. This makes the proposed tag versatile and feasible for a variety of liquid products with glass bottles in self-service stores. Dielectric constants and loss tangents of four common edible oils – mustard oil, olive oil, sesame oil and canola oil are measured in the 9–15 GHz range using cavity perturbation. The The lifetime curves were drawn for three diagnostic factors, namely loss factor, conductivity and total acid number. The sensor has helped us to observe the possible variations of the dielectric constant, the vegetable oil in this case, increasing its temperature and, therefore, stimulating a process of frying and re-using the oil … This study aimed to investigate the kinetics and thermodynamics of microwave-assisted transesterification of palm oil-based methyl ester into biolubricant. The electrical properties are also highly influenced by the molecular structure-related characteristics, such as the polarity, dipole polarization, carbon chain length, and degree of branching. The partial least square model was developed for the quantification of the sample adulteration percentage independent from the adulterating oil, which showed a good prediction capability for the adulterant concentrations. 0000006293 00000 n 0000002899 00000 n 0000006999 00000 n This chapter also includes detailed discussion of vegetable esters of different origin and their suitability as a liquid insulator. The lowest value of dielectric constant of natural oil (2.50) was exhibited at 363 K by peanut oil. It was observed that the lifetime values are higher for vegetable oil impregnated samples as compared to mineral oil ones. Hence it was deemed desirable to study the dielectric properties of various types of commercial cooking oils. These results confirm that MESSO can be developed as an alternative to mineral oils for insulation and cooling in transformers. Results revealed a positive correlation between FFA content of the product, FAME yields and rate of methyl esterification. Promising results have been observed by using bio oils/biodiesels as dielectric medium in EDM. δ increased much more than in other oils aged with a large amount

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