crustless zucchini pie

Just made this for brunch. Looking forward to having it for breakfast tomorrow! I have made this multiple times and everyone loves it. I was fabulous with dinner or alone for lunch. I put mine (olive oil) with flour and milk and the last of those other ingredients. Our A/C is also broken right now and we are trying not to heat up the house, so I put this in a 12-inch cast iron skillet and placed on grill. Do not use regular whole wheat flour for this! Just weigh 2-3 smallish ones on the scale provided near the produce section of your grocery store until you hit somewhere near 3/4 of a pound…not a real critical number…. Makes 6-8 servings. I used one zucchini and one summer squash and wanted to use up some broccoli slaw I had to use or throw out. I didn't top with Parm because I didn't want to add additional points. Or if I bake it tonight, how would I reheat it for the party tomorrow? I made this for lunch with a friend today. . This recipe is very similar to one I had. Is the part skim mozzarella, grated, shredded, chopped or sliced? I use plain unsweetened almond milk all the time for my quiches. One of the best recipes i have found to use my garden zucchini. I am planning meals for post surgery and thought this might work to have in the freezer. Add remaining ingredients to the bowl and blend well. GORGEOUS ! Recipe Notes. Or even broccoli? The house smelled great, too, while baking this appetizer/side dish. Am anxious to make this tonight! Teenager approved!! I added on top Although the recipe says add all remaining ingredients it also states to top with Parmesan! All purpose gluten-free flour mix would work. We just got a food processor–we'd have one before but never really knew what to do with it. Gina, thanks! Also, I highly recommend buying a food scale. HOWEVER, my oven decided to go all wacko on me.The door locked (like I was cleaning it) and I couldn't get it open. Thanks for the great recipe! Do you substitute almond flour in same ratio as whole wheat flour. Combine with zucchini mixture and pour it into the pie dish. Let me start by saying that I love this site & have made many successful & yummy dishes from here so thank you Gina! Don't know if this will have a chance of getting answered or not since it's been online for quite awhile, but I'm wondering if using just egg whites (I used the liquid whites that come in the milk carton type ones) would work just as good as using the whole egg? The consistency was perfect and I cooked it a little longer – 45 minutes so it was a golden brown with a crispy “crust”. Made this today and it was so good! I made this last night and used 2 about that size. The answer provided really doesn’t answer whether its measured before or after squeezing out excess liquid in my mind. It works great. I just made this and the flavor is delicious but is the texture supposed to be moist or more cake like I baked it for 30 minutes and then put it in for five more minutes and it’s still very moist and I really did squeeze the zucchini well  it was nicely browned I didn’t want to bake it any longer any suggestions? I baked it in an 8×8 square baker for 30 minutes. I will definitely make it again. I rarely have shallots or chives, sweet onions and scallions work just fine. I love the spinach crustless pie and make that all of the time for a quick, easy breakfast. One thing, at one point it says to add all remaining ingredients but looks like actually supposed to save parm for topping. Thanks for sharing your Keto adaptations Amber! Should the zucchini be measured before or after squeezing out the liquid? I had it with your turkey breast and gravy crockpot recipe, so yummy! Excellent recipe. Did you use a 1/2 c almond flour like a straight a substitute? Just wondering though, water squeezed out means just squeezing with towel right? I shredded the zucchini and cheese in my food processor which made it all come together in just minutes. Another keeper! I also added in a little chopped garlic, because we love it. This looks so yummy, can't wait to try it out! thanks for the recipe will bank this one fro zuccini time. That's exactly where I got the idea for this! I paired it with a salad (with homemade ranch from this site) and apples with dip (plain greek yogurt, a blob of homemade pb and a squirt of honey). Thank you for the delicious recipe.

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