crash bandicoot 2: cortex strikes back

One year later, he is seen in a space station being told by his new assistant, Doctor N. Gin that to harness the Master Crystal's power he will require an additional 25 "Slave Crystals". The game went on to become one of the best-selling PlayStation video games of all time and replaced its predecessor as the highest-selling Western title in Japan, selling more than 800,000 units in the country by April 1998. Na Daibouken (Dance! I've tried this and the third game, and comparisons are unavoidable. The first two times Crash returns to the warp room, Cortex will chide him. He is joined by Coco Bandicoot, his sister, who is suspicious of Cortex's true intentions. There are only two levels. When all 5 crystals have been collected, the player can move to the next warp room. Crash, my battery's fried. To get back ... See full summary ». While the logo and official title of the game remains unchanged in Europe, translated names can be heard on the title screen of the PAL version if the respective language is selected. There are also several difficult glitched moves that can be performed at any time. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? The game's success resulted in its re-release for the Sony Greatest Hits line-up on August 30, 1998 and for the Platinum Range on 1999. These levels take place in the dark, with Crash using a firefly to see. Start Game. 1 Coco Bandicoot 2 Doctor N. Gin 3 Doctor Neo Cortex 4 Doctor Nitrus Brio [starting Intro Level] "Crash? The PAL version of the game has significantly higher pitched sound effects, such as TNT's & "Woah". Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex's Counterattack! Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Backreceived generally positive reviews from critics and was considered to be superior to its predecessor. Welcome to IGN's walkthrough for Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, which will lead you through every step of the main game and beyond. The game has 1,889 crates in total (including the 10 crates from the, Instead of choosing the "Warp Room" option on the pause screen, the player can alternately exit a level by pressing Start, to pause the game, and then Select on the pause screen. The enemies, however, keep their original speed, meaning that enemies such as the electric Lab Assistants throughout the jetpack stages can be flown through after one hit since their reaction time is slightly slower. Crash with Coco and Doctor Nitrus Brio, about to destroy the Cortex Vortex. Crash has several moves: jump, spin attack, body slam, slide, duck, crawl, and an extra-high jump performed by sliding or ducking and then jumping. Now Crash lives with his sister Coco. Crash's girlfriend Tawna, from the previous game, has left Crash for Pinstripe Poteroo. These did not exist in the original PS1 version of the game. There are three of them. "Rock It": possible pun with "rocket" (homophones). Same sick burns, same smoldering attitude, now all scaled up in stunning HD. There he meets Dr. Neo Cortex again (this time, through projector). and MediEvil, as a precautionary measure when the two other games experienced technical problems. Crash then sets off on this new quest for Cortex, unknowingly helping him achieve his goals for world domination. Warp Room 5 based on the space themed levels. When he's on the way, he gets abducted by Cortex and taking the the islands ancient warp rooms where he is persuaded that Cortex has decided to turn over a new leaf and is trying to save the planet against an incoming threat. It was entitled Dansu! Since this engine was much faster, the act of filling the disc with random code to push the game files to the outer areas of the disc (a technique used to make the original Crash Bandicoot run faster) was no longer needed, making the game's file size much smaller. This was because the animation reminded Sony of a serial killer on the loose in Japan who decapitated his victims and left their head with their shoes. Collect 100 apples and you get an extra life, and there are 42 gems to get(either by breaking all of the boxes, or doing something else that you may have no idea how to do, so you just have to try everything... what a lazy and obnoxious way of prolonging the experience of going through this). The English version has 2% for each crystal, 1% for each gem, 1% for each secret warp found and 3% for defeating Dr. Cortex. Taking place right after the events of the previous game, Cortex falls from his hoverboard and lands within a mine, where he discovers a large crystal and has a flash of inspiration. He is also contacted by Doctor Nitrus Brio, Cortex's disgruntled former assistant. Brio's is a remix of his bonus/boss music from, On the bookshelves in Ripper Roo's boss fight are thick manuals for. Mode(s) In Warp Room 2, if Crash jumps on Polar enough times, he will get 10 lives. Thus, it gets to be tiresome and predictable almost immediately. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Further failures to collect the crystal don't do anything. Sony Computer Entertainment He insists that he's good this time, and we believe him right up until we read the title. Start Game. I avoid it as I hear it's even harder than this, and life's too short for that much frustration), Dr. Neo Cortex comes upon very powerful crystals and then contacts Crash and tells him he needs his help, to collect all 25 of them. Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back was initially released on the European PlayStation Network on July 26, 2007 but was withdrawn on August 7, 2007, along with Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! Start Game. Cortex will also show what a crystal looks like. Doctor Nitrus Brio, who has a personal vendetta against Cortex, tries to convince Crash to gather gems instead of crystals in hope of destroying his arch-enemy Cortex and sends his own henchmen to stop the bandicoot's progress.

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