colossians 2:18 meaning

Grows (837) (auxano) means literally to grow or cause to grow or increase. Truth like that the writer of Hebrews had to remind the Hebrew Christians (and those Jews who were being drawn to Jesus) about, writing that JESUS has, "become as much better than the angels, as He has inherited a more excellent name than they. yet not embracing the Head [Christ].Colossians c. “To approach with a view to examining,” i.e., “to inquire into” is also a possible meaning, as in 2 Mac 2:30; Philo On Noah’s Life as a Planter 80. They make a parade of their visions, but they are following an empty phantom. The TDNT summarizes embateuo as meaning... a. Let no man beguile you—wishing to do it by his humility...The preposition en ("in" self-abasement) denotes the means of deception, or the sphere in which the deceiver moves. But even though we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to that which we have preached to you, let him be accursed. In all these mental efforts and sentiments concerning Christianity, the false teacher was guided not by any pure regard to the Divine revelation, or by a simple desire to bow to the Divine will; but his “mind” was influenced by motives, and determined by reasonings, which sprung from a (flesh) nature wholly under the empire of sense and fancy; a nature which was satisfied with an array of external puerilities—which preferred ascetic distinctions to spiritual self-denial—reveled in imaginations that at once sprung from it and lorded over it—and, in short, acting like itself and for itself, coveted and set up a religion of man, but spurned and thrust away that religion which is of God. Krateo - 47x in 46v - NAS = arrested(3), attained(1), clinging(1), held(1), hold(4), hold fast(4), holding back(1), holding fast(1), holds(1), laid hold(1), observe(1), observing(1), prevented(1), retain(1), retained(1), seize(8), seized(7), take custody(1), take hold(2), taking(2), took(3), took hold(1).Matt 9:25; 12:11; 14:3; 18:28; 21:46; 22:6; 26:4, 48, 50, 55, 57; 28:9; Mark 1:31; 3:21; 5:41; 6:17; 7:3f, 8; 9:10, 27; 12:12; 14:1, 44, 46, 49, 51; Luke 8:54; 24:16; John 20:23; Acts 2:24; 3:11; 24:6; 27:13; Col 2:19; 2 Thess 2:15; Heb 4:14; 6:18; Rev 2:1, 13ff, 25; 3:11; 7:1; 20:2. (Eph 4:11-note, Ep 4:12, 13-note, Ep 4:14-note, Ep 4:15,16-note). part 2A of If they worshipped angels, they could not adore His person. As someone has well said, one cannot grind grain with the water that has passed over the dam. May my life die to my own desires and live for Christ, day by day - this I as in for His names sake, AMEN. Now if God tells you to fast, to prohibit certain things, that's different. Whitney Houston sings, "To love yourself is the greatest love there is." It's not so much that these "judges" are cheating you out of something, but it is more the idea of, "Who has a right to come into my life and say that I will not get the prize in the sense of my fulfillment in Jesus unless I have a certain subjective experience.". In the book of Tobit, the Jewish belief is incidentally brought out—that angels formally present prayers to God. Fascination, yes; satisfaction, no! All Rights Reserved. Yesterday’s help will not do for today, dear believer. Those errors on vital points were fatal. I invited all of my co-workers and throughout the lifecycle of this group, as people were hired, the groups dynamics changed. 9 “YOU HAVE LOVED RIGHTEOUSNESS AND HATED LAWLESSNESS; THEREFORE GOD, YOUR GOD, HAS ANOINTED YOU WITH THE OIL OF GLADNESS ABOVE YOUR COMPANIONS.”  10 And, “YOU, LORD, IN THE BEGINNING LAID THE FOUNDATION OF THE EARTH, AND THE HEAVENS ARE THE WORKS OF YOUR HANDS;  11 THEY WILL PERISH, BUT YOU REMAIN; AND THEY ALL WILL BECOME OLD LIKE A GARMENT,  12 AND LIKE A MANTLE YOU WILL ROLL THEM UP; LIKE A GARMENT THEY WILL ALSO BE CHANGED. (2 Jn 1:8), Later in this same book Paul gives a warning "Say to Archippus, “Take heed (blepo in the present imperative - See Need for Holy Spirit to obey) to the ministry which you have received in the Lord, that you may fulfill it.”  (Col 4:17+). AND NOT HOLDING FAST TO THE HEAD: kai ou kraton (PAPMSN) ten kephalen: Not (ou) conveys the sense of absolute negation. I'm not good enough to go to God so I have to go through angelic mediators.". BY DELIGHTING IN SELF-ABASEMENT: thelon (PAPMSN) en tapeinophrosune: Delighting (2309) (thelo) refers to a desire that comes from one’s emotions and represents an active decision of the will. Taking his stand (1687) (embateuo from en = in + bateuo = to step) means to set foot upon, enter, visit, intrude into. The church can enjoy neither life nor growth, if, misunderstanding Christ's person or undervaluing His work, it have no vital union with Him. Young's Literal: and not holding the head, from which all the body -- through the joints and bands gathering supply, and being knit together -- may increase with the increase of God. Those errorists did not hold the Head, and, indeed, the greater portion of their errors tended to this result. FASTING: (see notes on fasting) Have you ever been around anyone who thought that fasting made them SPIRITUAL? (Ro 8:4-note, Ro 8:5-note, Ro 8:6,7 ,8-note, Ro 8:9-note). He has prepared good works for us to do and laid up rewards in heaven, for His blood-bought children, who carry out these good works in spirit and in truth - which is why Paul warns us so strongly Let no one keep on defrauding you of your prize.

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