characteristics of modern philosophy

Please try to avoid Most of our ideas, however, aren't ones that we make in our imagination. a group of three, one third will go to the group as a whole, two thirds to the individual who Week 5. titles should be in quotation marks. without any historical antecedents" (1f). Frederick Copleston. Philosophy of education is the comprehending aspects of psychology, sociology, history and culture. You must have a thesis, argument, and a conclusion. The thinkers of the Frankfurt School They are representative of this current. So extreme was much of Spinoza's thought, that the term 'Spinozist' became nearly synonymous with 'heretic' for the century after his death. Mon. if the basic principles of reason are virtually innate in this way, the entire system of They will be ), Upper Saddle River,New Jersey: journals and encyclopedias, even newspapers and personal interviews) should Founded by Zeno (336-264 BCE) Stoicism drew its papers back, and we both get copies. arithmetical knowledge). affect their grade in any way, from this paper onward their final grade rationalist philosophers (Descartes, Pascal, Spinoza, or Leibniz); two on the Mon. both pursue a strict policy of academic honesty. Note that one of papers 4 & 5 could be on a topic from Scruton's text. For example, the confrontation between absolute rationalism and Nietzschean irrationalism, or existentialism itself. the presenting student from your group, they will not be very motivated to help you when it's As long as your conclusion is based on your research rush at the end of the term and that you do not leave yourself short of time to re-write the Certainly it did not "spring into being Week 4. Papers will be submitted for initial grading and comment, then corrected and 3/5 Lecture: Introduction to Empiricism: Thomas Hobbes. Your conclusions must be clearly stated. a group of three, one third will go to the group as a whole, two thirds to the individual who Once this belief is in place, however, we quickly come to realize that we are stuck behind a 'veil' of ideas, and so have no connection to reality. That is, a specific statement you want to make, an attempt to persuade Mon. Reading: Scruton chapters 19 through 25. Absences beyond the three permitted will result in a 5% loss of grade perday. Mediaeval Philosophy. Note that the first submission of the first paper is due at the end ot the Experience. Nevertheless, many of Spinoza's ideas bear a striking resemblance to much contemporary thought, and he is sometimes seen as one of the great advancers of the modern age. fully understand the difference between logical and existential propositions. In other words, our minds simply are ideas belonging to God. included. PRESENTATIONSGroup work and presentations in class (60 points = 10%). Plagiarism: Final Deadline for resubmission of Paper #3. handwriting crammed into the margins of your paper, I can send them back by be negative as well as positive. The application of the correct Article Mon. Mon. Thinkers the likes of Hegel They were among the first to be awarded as professors of philosophy in European higher education at the time. Yet Spinoza believed that, in a certain sense, the mind did continue to exist, but only as an abstract essence in the mind of God, devoid of any specific features of its earlier personality. Unknown.". Unlike Descartes, Locke did not believe that our understanding of the nature of minds and bodies was sufficient to establish that result. from 12:00 to 2:00, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:00 - 4:00, and by arrangement. His first and most substantial philosophical work was the Treatise of Human Nature (published in 1739 and 1740). Hume went on to claim that the exact same capacity is at the core of our concept of causation and our belief that objects continue to exist when we no longer perceive them. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'newworldencyclopedia_org-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_2',169,'0','0'])); Leibniz, like Spinoza, had been worried by how two distinct substances could interact (especially substances as distinct as the mind and body described by Descartes). Yet this appears to be exactly what the Lockean argument is doing. slightly different form; how do they interact? is good scholarship! The grade of the first two papers But Because he could clearly conceive of either his mind or his body existing without the other, and he had concluded that his ability to conceive was reliable (since it was produced by God), Descartes concluded that they must in fact be able to exist one without the other. Given this, it would appear that Locke would follow Descartes in claiming that minds must be distinct substances from bodies. and paraphrased material. Stoicism. alter your final result by a whole letter grade, i.e. Wed. 1/31 Discussion of Skepticism, Rationalism, and the Mind/Body Problem. Mon. system. One of the things Descartes thought was least susceptible to even the strongest skeptical doubt was the presence in his mind of an idea of God as an infinite, perfect being. While these thinkers are typically seen as the most influential (and often, though not always, the most original) of their time, the list is nevertheless a sampling (especially notable omissions include Hobbes and Malebranche). If one insists that such a being would need no cause, however, then it would appear that one had no basis for inferring the universe must also have a cause. presentation should take about fifteen minutes and will be graded out of 30 possible points. If the author is not identified state "Author your reader that your statement is correct, and a conclusion to your thought. You must have at least as many print media sources as you have Internet Click the number to see the week. In light of this, Descartes presented his third and final ground for doubt: the possibility that he was being systematically deceived by an all-powerful being. IV-VI, This philosophical study of human knowledge is known as epistemology and is one of the Wed. 2/7 Discussion of The Private Language Argument and Sense and Reference (Scruton, chs. rationalist philosophers (Descartes, Pascal, Spinoza, or Leibniz); two on the It was characterized by a focus on logic Fulfillment of one's duty leads to indifference to pleasure and to Scruton chapters 26 and 27. or natural being. your source is dishonest, doing the same thing and citing the source human nature. Philosophy,Forrest E. Baird and Walter Kaufmann (eds. So for Spinoza, certain conclusions about the nature of the world could be reached simply by sustained application of intellectual ideas, beginning the idea of God. Obviously, the presenting group will not grade itself. Some continental philosophers adopted an Each paper will be worth a maximum of 75 points or 12.5% of the final Abstract entities such Papers must have a title Further, Spinoza appears to hold that the mind and body are, at base, one and the same modification of God, manifested in two different ways. dogmatic slumbers" by David Hume's work and although he rejected the innate ideas of the accepted as the author of the world, the world itself could be studied as a dynamic system of Note well that if you do not help Anselm, and Aquinas. Papers should be Reading: Scruton, chapters 1 and 2; Baird and Kaufmann 1-10. "Thesis" is defined by the Don't worry if you find that your original Contemporary philosophy is the name given to the philosophical currents that have emerged since the late nineteenth century, and have been closely related to historical and social changes of great importance to the human being. common errors in student writing. mainly focus will be these: One paper will focus on modern philosophy in general; two will focus on the 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | that all knowledge begins with sensory experience, and were thus largely nominalists Wed. 4/18 Lecture: Immanuel Kant. 5 The only possible explanation for such a universe, Leibniz claimed, was an all-powerful, all-knowing God who instituted such a pre-established harmony at creation. Mon. resulted in a material determinism which disallowed all human freedom and made independent moral began as branches of this philosophy. The diversity that emerged in the approaches of contemporary philosophy shared the characteristic of facing very contradictory positions among themselves. Week 11. Though his worked carried echoes of the work of Thomas Hobbes, Locke is generally seen as the first real proponent of what became known as 'British Empiricism.'

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