category theory 2020

In order to increase the connections between the, Workshop and Symposium RAMIFICATIONS OF CATEGORY THEORY, Registration is currently open at Conference website: International Category Theory Conference CT2020, 20-27 June 2020, University of Genoa. And here's a quick blurb about the main conference, taken from this year's website. Louvain-la-Neuve, 19 mai 2012, Universit� catholique de Louvain, These spaces can be expressed in terms of posets, which are barycentric subdivisions of the usual Vietoris-Rips complexes V(X). In particular, I will show how to give a logical/syntactic characterization of the isotropy group of any such theory, and that it encodes a notion of inner automorphism or conjugation for the theory. Conference website: 28th Foundational Methods in Computer Science Meeting June 9-12, 2020, University Of Ottawa. George Janelidze ( Science. or This workshop is a satellite to the joint MFCS & CSL 2010, Peripatetic Seminar on Sheaves and Logic PSSL 84 Triangulated Categories, December 10-12, 2008, Swansea University. If you register, you will be sent an email before the meeting containing your code to access the 2020 CMS Virtual Winter Meeting. In particular, we will examine the security, feasibility and development of new protocols in isogeny-based cryptography, as well as the intricate and beautiful pure mathematics of the related isogeny graphs and elliptic curve endomorphism rings. Organizers: Richard Blute and Pieter Hofstra. Successful applicants will receive funding for accommodation, but not for travel or the registration fee. April 8-9. The partial orders (inclusion and refinement) in the lattices for the dual logics define morphisms. Louvain-la-Neuve, 17 mai 2014, Universit� catholique de Louvain, If you have any queries, please contact the Conference Department. Terrence Bisson (Canisius College), Pierre Cartier (IHES), Ezra Getzler See the website at Algebraic topology of con?guration spaces of robot mechanisms. For information:, Category Theory 2000 will be discarded. took place at the University of Bremen, from August 21 to 25, 2000. An event within the CRM thematic year on Homotopy Theory and Walters (Insubria and Sydney). Institut Élie Cartan of the Université Henri Poincaré A PSSL was held at the PSSL since its inception in 1976. Both activities this year will take place online, due to the Covid-19 outbreak. November 27-28, 2010, Amsterdam. Organizers: Grigory Garkusha, Tomasz Brzezinski, Edwin Beggs December 13 to 17, Sydney, Australia. Algebraic Methodology and, Peripatetic Seminar on Sheaves May 31-June 2, The category theory portion of conference was dedicated to Bill Lawvere and the 50th anniversary of his The theory of motives, a manifestation of a universal cohomology theory attached to algebraic varieties, and the attendant motivic cohomology plays a central role in describing the special values of L-functions of varieties over number fields, via the conjectures of Deligne, Beilinson-Bloch, and Bloch-Kato. The meeting may be seen as a satelitte event of the Logic Year, The workshop will bring together mathematicians with expertise in number theory, topology, and geometric group theory to tackle these problems and explore recent developments. Paris 13 Department of Category Theory BarrFest Jeffrey Giansiracusa (Swansea University, UK) Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA, May 19 - 23 - 26, Next to the World Heritage Site that is its historic centre, it is the home of many mathematical achievements, world-class universities, and the backdrop to several famous movies. These new geometric tools have already allowed the construction of new p-adic L-functions; the aim of the workshop is to bring together arithmetic people with the experts in these two innovative approaches to find new exciting applications, both to global (Galois representations and their L-functions) and local (integral p-adic Hodge theory) problems. The seminar welcomes Buffalo). See the website:, Categories in Algebra, Geometry and Logic, October 10-11, 2008,, MFPS XXVIII, Twenty-Eighth Conference on the Email address for electronic submissions The purpose of this paper is to develop the logical theory of canonical maps based on the broader demonstration that the dual notions of elements & distinctions are the basic analytical concepts needed to unpack and analyze morphisms, duality, canonicity, and universal constructions in Sets, the category of sets and functions. There will be one or two plenary talks each day, at the start of each session. in a functorial way; a homomorphism of quivers induces a homomorphism of algebras. 64th meeting of the Peripatetic Seminar on Sheaves and Logic Note that the conference will take place virtually—online—rather than at MIT as originally planned. The Call for Papers for this Conference is closed. For information contact Jaap van Oosten ( Flag manifolds and Schubert calculus are particularly rich sources of invariants with positivity properties. was held November 27- 28, 1998 in TRIESTE, ITALY. Lattices also appear naturally when one studies certain spaces that play an important role in number theory; one of the main focuses of this meeting is to investigate computational and theoretical methods to understand such spaces and to expand the frontier of our algorithmic knowledge in working with them., International Category Theory Conference CT2015, The first two lectures delivered by Professor Street were on Tuesday 24, Peripatetic Seminar on Sheaves and Logic PSSL 88. School: June 10 - 15, 2019 in Ile de Porquerolles. The web page is at Special session of AMS Meeting No. Please note: all Conference Fees will increase by £20 on 11 November 2020 ACT 2020 follows ACT 2018 in Leiden, and ACT 2019 in Oxford. The Graduate Center of The City University of New York,,!forum/hott-nyc, Paper (original paper of Baez, Fritz, and Leinster). Andrea Pulita (Université Grenoble Alpes, France) Information is available on the web page: (ACA) conference, in Linz, Austria, July 17-20, 1996. Organizer: Steve Awodey, 11th International Conference on Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology, IMA/SIAM Member - £395.00 in Computer Science), and a special issue of TCS. Applied Category Theory 2020 (Part 2) Posted by John Baez. 20-27 June 2020, University of Genoa. I will show that a certain type of enriched categories, which I call locally persistent categories, provide a natural framework for the study of approximate categorical structures, and in particular, for the study of metrics relevant to applied homotopy theory and metric geometry. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many universities are moving activities online. Saunders MacLane, talks of a series of lectures entitled

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