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If your ceramic bunnies are whimsical you may want to create colorful bonnets to tie underneath their chins with a big bow. Sleep – I sleep 8 hours a day. With a graceful bow, they left their treasures behind and departed Spain. How to use bow in a sentence. Bellerophon,mounted on Pegasus(q.v. Hilden barked, all but tearing the bow from Taran's shoulder. Jessica Alba has three tattoos - the Sanskrit word for "lotus" on her wrist, a bow on her lower back, and a daisy and ladybird on the back her neck. Another aspect of her character is that of a warlike goddess, armed with spear or bow, sometimes wearing a mural crown, as sovereign lady and protectress of the locality where she was worshipped. "Forgive me, ikir," the Watcher said with a bow of his head. ", To bring the result nearer to the just standard, a higher measure of popular 1 Malthus himself said, "It is probable that, having found the bow bent too much one way, I was induced to bend it too much the other in order to make it straight.". The word is particularly used of the cord of a bow, and of the stretched cords of gut and wire upon a musical instrument, the vibration of which. In spite of all their bravery, they succumbed to the Greek phalanx, when once the generalship of a Miltiades or a Pausanias had brought matters to a hand to hand conflict; and it was with justice that the GrecksAeschylus, for instance viewed their battles against the Persian as a contest between spear and bow. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. This cookies is installed by Google Universal Analytics to throttle the request rate to limit the colllection of data on high traffic sites. The mathematical discussion of Airy showed that the primary rainbow is not situated directly on the line of minimum deviation, but at a slightly greater value; this means that the true angular radius of the bow is a little less than that derived from the geometrical theory. They are hunters both on land and on the water, using the bow and arrow like the Onas, and building canoes often of large size. The critical weeklies of the past include the New York Literary Gazette (1834-1835, 1839), De Bow's Review (1846), the Literary World (1847-1853), the Criterion (1855-1856), the Round Table (1863-1864), the Citizen (1864-1873), and Appleton' s Journal (1869). Only those who are prepared to bow the knee to economic power were allowed to take part in the talks. He then sent for his bow, quiver, arrows, shield and sword, and arrayed himself in martial style, so that, as the Sikh chronicler states, his splendour shone like the sun. ribbon tied in a bow (leave a loop for hanging ). He spends his days chasing the beasts of the forest, running them down by sheer speed, or killing them with darts (javelots) or bow and arrows, the only weapons he knows. The big eye acts as a Kelly 's eye and traps the bow shackle when the dan wire is fully paid out. The byrnie or mail-shirt is often mentioned in Eddic songs: so are the axe, the spear, the javelin, the bow and arrows and the sword. They describe specific physical actions. This church has various points of interest besides its Norman crypt, from which it took the name of Bow, being the first church in London built on arches. " Muscular and tall body types - Men with this body type look best in lay down collars for the shirt and bow ties rather than ties. "I have the pleasure of being already acquainted, if the countess remembers me," said Prince Andrew with a low and courteous bow quite belying Peronskaya's remarks about his rudeness, and approaching Natasha he held out his arm to grasp her waist before he had completed his invitation. "Yes, master," Talon said with a smooth bow. Instead, ask guests to bring their gifts unwrapped, with just a ribbon or bow. locker in the bow with a full 6kg Calor Gas bottle. One way to give the look of larger lips is to bring light to the cupid's bow. But from this enormous increase of territory and influence arose a whole series of new and difficult problems. [+] more examples [-] hide examples [+] Example sentences [-] Hide examples — often used figuratively to say that someone deserves to be praised The people who organized the festival should take a bow for its remarkable success. Over 178,000 parallel Japanese-English example sentences with readings and word definitions. Between the parishes of Collessie and Monimail the boundary line takes the form of a crescent known as the Bow of Fife. Physical verbs are action verbs. We thus see that the order of colours in the secondary bow is the reverse of that in the primary; the secondary is half as broad again (3°), and is much fainter, owing to the longer path of the ray in the drop, and the increased dispersion. Rub noses Shake hands Slight bow 3. In 1198 Hubert, who had inherited from his predecessors in the primacy a fierce quarrel with the Canterbury monks, gave these enemies an opportunity of complaining to the pope, for in arresting the London demagogue, William Fitz Osbert, he had committed an act of sacrilege in Bow Church, which belonged to the monks. Savonarola addressed to the pontiff a letter of condolence, boldly urging him to bow to the will of Heaven and repent while there was yet time. He was first elected a guardian in Bow in 1892, was elected to the Borough Council in 1901 and was mayor of Poplar in 1919-20. Dependent clauses can refer to the subject (who, which) the sequence/time (since, while), or the causal elements (because, if) of the independent clause. Definition of bow1_1 verb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Arms and neckline are trimmed with decadent baby blue and white ruffled lace and a cream ribbon bow. To fail to bow to the current pressure to improve corporate governance is a false economy however. In a charge the infantry also might employ lance and dagger; but the essential point was that the archers should be mobile and their use of the bow unhampered. Sit – Where do you want to sit? We have now to consider the so-called spurious bows which are sometimes seen at the inner edge of the primary and at the outer edge of the secondary bow. Their weapons were the bow and arrow and stones. His books on Colonial Defence and Colonial Opinions (1873), The Defence of Great and Greater Britain (1879),(1879), Naval Intelligence and the Protection of Commerce (1881), The Use and the Application of Marine Forces (1883), Imperial Federation: Naval and Military (1887), followed later by other similar works, made him well known among the rising school of Imperialists, and he was returned to parliament (1886-1892) as Conservative member for Bow, and afterwards (1895-1906) for Great Yarmouth. Bow in connection with the theory of frames(~ 6, and see also APfLIED MEcHANIcs below) where reciprocal diagrams are frequently of use (cf DIAGRAM). isles of the sea Bow to our bidding and bring us their treasure Of grain and of gold. 30 You must guard against those who fawn upon you and bow obsequiously before you! he added, with a slight inclination of his head in reply to Balashev's bow. According to agreement Dermod granted the territory of Wexford, which had never belonged to bow. While the use of the bow and arrow does not seem to have occurred to them, the spear and axe are in general use, commonly made of hard-wood; the hatchets of stone, and the javelins pointed' with stone or bone. They had striking, slashing and piercing weapons held in the hand, fastened to a shaft or thong, hurled from the hand, from a sling, from an atlatl or throwing-stick, or shot from a bow. It derives its name from its ancient place of judicature, which was in the church of Beata Maria de Arcubus - St Mary-le-Bow or St Mary of the Arches, "by reason of the steeple thereof raised at the top with stone pillars in fashion like a bow bent archwise.".

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