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Saitama plays around with him and beats him up over and over. I read different theories about who really is blast. The fourth season is official, Attack of the Giants 135 has a release date, that’s when we’ll read it, ONE PIECE: Luffy as All Might in the recent episode of the anime. One Punch Man Chapter 136 could feature the start of Saitama vs Blast fight as one other hero can handle the threat. My theory is that he might be in space. spoiler. Blast is a shape-shifter, he's already fought Saitama as a mosquito and a cat. Might be true might be not. As you can see below Blast presents himself as an incredibly strong man, robust and wearing a costume complete with a cape and bedge engraved with his name. Blast being Saitama's father makes sense from a thematic perspective too. Initially it will be some lower tier heroes that will find Mask, Mask will lose to them but Saitama wipes the floor with those heroes... Blue shows up and goes 100% against Saitama. Examples of this can be found in One Piece, Naruto, Attack on Titan, Bleach and many more. The design is completely different from that chosen by ONE for the webcomic, and is much more mature and innovative. It's outlandish and out there but I suspect that Saitama is the true Blast and the Heroes Association doesn't even know it. Blast is finally alerted by the defeat of his son and the entire Neo heroes unable to get past Saitama. Elder Centipede only remembers the name of Blast and not the appearance of Blast and Elder Centipede died before recognizing Saitama. Close. Press J to jump to the feed. Though I hope Blast is only briefly revealed and doesn't fight Saitama yet, just talks with him, chastises his son for his foolishness, then leaves. Blast senses his son in danger.. and there is no one to stop his opponent. Incredible and handles insurance claims or he's the accountant for a construction company. The same spiky hair, which is a similarity that they share. This is the first time that the hero at the top of the S-class is shown without shadows or other censorship. He defeated God and realized that he's just like him, a normal species or an alien. Please let us know by leaving a comment in the box below! Posted by. In first part of chapter 135 instead, the hero was shown in full during a flashback of Dolcetto Mask, now on the verge of a nervous breakdown due to the events of the past few weeks. TBH predicting who is blast is impossible at this stage due to the lack of proof but I think it's safe to assume that him and OPM had some common trait(s)(?). Blast is mentioned to had inspired Tatsumaki to be a hero but it could be that the Hero Association realized Tatsumaki was too powerful not to make a hero, they invented Blast and hired an actor to inspire her to become a hero. In one chapter, Child Emperor created a mask that created a 'score' to measure strength. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Welcome to r/OnePunchMan, the subreddit for all things related to our caped bald hero! We know why ONE would not show the strength of king or Saitama, but why hide the Director's? Cookies help us deliver our Services. He's busy. These webcomic chapters have been great. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the OnePunchMan community. In the recent webcomics, the Neo Hereos have set out to kill Handsome Mask. Blast is a hero made up by the Hero Association as a boogeyman against monsters. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Insert your excuse for Bang or Gouketsu to win here, Unfortunately, this post isn't about who he is but rather where is he. 3 months ago (spoiler) I know when Blast is going to make an appearance. If you remember, it failed to read the strength of Saitama, the Director of the Hero Association, and King. Incredible but true, after eight years and 135 chapters of waiting, ONE and Murata have finally decided to show the number one hero of One-Punch Man, Blast, this time in full and wearing his spectacular hero costume.This is the first time that the hero at the top of the S … Reasons: He was bored and lost his purpose in life, he wanted to fight seriously but he can't do it in his current planet. So far not much has been revealed about the hero, other than, like Saitama, he regards his work as “just a hobby”. Check the sidebar for information! It really bugged me when you said Amai mask would lose to some lower ranked hero's,the dude's a fucking fringe above dragon LMAO. In the recent webcomics, the Neo Hereos have set out to kill Handsome Mask. He said that the director is to weak to show a reading. Let’s find out together. One Punch Man Chapter 136 release date should be set on Sunday as most of the manga issues come out at the weekend only. He got bored of his hobby as a hero and decided to focus on his main career a manga artist, all you had to was to safely dispose the meteor saitama. 1 Appearance 2 Plot 2.1 Introduction Saga 2.1.1 House of Evolution Arc 2.2 Hero Association Saga 2.2.1 National Superhero Registry Arc 2.2.2 Sea Monster Arc 2.2.3 Monster Raid Arc … Who is the person defending Mask? It fits into the time frame of Saitama being One Punch Man and not being recognized by the Heroes Association. To get in touch with Asap Land, please write to lisadurantks @ He decides to show up.

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