australasian journal of combinatorics

You are currently offline. The impact factor (IF), also denoted as Journal impact factor (JIF), of an academic journal is a measure of the yearly average number of citations to recent articles published in that journal. Please re-enter recipient e-mail address(es). Some features of WorldCat will not be available. Separate up to five addresses with commas (,). An ISSN is a unique code of 8 digits. This journal has an h-index of 25. The E-mail Address(es) field is required. Source:, IEEE Article SCImago Journal Rank is an indicator, which measures the scientific influence of journals. Australasian Journal of Combinatorics IF is increased by a factor of 0.11 and approximate percentage change is 33.33% when compared to preceding year 2017, which Volume 78 Parts 1, 2 and 3 (2020) Part 1. Since 2005, three volumes have been published annually. It is used for the recognition of journals, newspapers, periodicals, and magazines in all kind of forms, be it print-media or electronic. You can easily create a free account. It's publishing house is located in Australia. The journal began publication in 1990. is 0.44, which is computed in 2019 as per it's definition. ISSN: 2202-3518 (online only, from Volume 58, 2014); ISSN: 1034-4942 (paper, Volumes 1-57), The Australasian Journal of Combinatorics, Some further results in Ramsey graph construction, Permutations in which pairs of numbers are not simultaneously close in position and close in size, Sequences in dihedral groups with distinct partial products, Lower bounds for rainbow Turan numbers of paths and other trees, On $2$- and $3$-factorizations of complete $3$-uniform hypergraphs of order up to $9$, Locally finite sublattices of free lattices, On the number of rainbow solutions of linear equations in $\mathbb{Z}/p\mathbb{Z}$, The $r$-Fubini-Lah numbers and polynomials, Contractible edges in subgraphs of $2$-connected graphs, A survey of graphs with known or bounded crossing numbers, Decompositions of complete equipartite graphs into cycles of lengths $3$ and $6$, An index-preserving bijection between marked tableaux and $P_{n,2}$-tableaux, Short witnesses for Parikh-friendly permutations, Colored multipermutations and a combinatorial generalization of Worpitzky's identity, The metric dimension of the incidence graphs of projective planes of small order, Probabilistic aspects of $r$-Stirling numbers, A Turán-type generalization of Tuza's triangle edge cover problem, Total Roman domination edge-supercritical and edge-removal-supercritical graphs, Hamiltonicity in directed Toeplitz graphs $T_{n}\langle 1, 2; t_1, t_2 \rangle$, On the paper "Association schemes for diagonal groups", Peter Adams, Saad I. El-Zanati, Peter Florido and William Turner, Max Carter, Stephan Tornier and George Willis, Emelie Curl, Jesse Geneson and Leslie Hogben, Kieran Clancy, Michael Haythorpe and Alex Newcombe, Samuel Fulton, Stephen O'Connor-Seville and Matthew Welz, John Engbers, Jay Pantone and Christopher Stocker, Tamás Héger, Péter Szilárd and Marcella Takáts. MITPress. Citescore is produced by Scopus, and can be a little higher or different compared to the impact factor produced by Journal Citation Report. AUSTRALASIAN JOURNAL OF COMBINATORICS Volume 59(1) (2014), Pages 39–63 Erd˝os-Ko-Rado with separation conditions Peter Borg Department of Mathematics University of Malta Malta Abstract A family A of sets is said to be intersecting if A ∩ B = ∅ for every A,B ∈A. [3], Centre for Discrete Mathematics and Computing (, Combinatorial Mathematics Society of Australasia, "Source details: Australasian Journal of Combinatorics",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 6 October 2019, at 18:22. CiteScore represents a robust approach for several reasons: Observation Window. Some features of the site may not work correctly. The depositing of our published papers in other repositories for non-commercial use is allowed, although we prefer the format used to be identical to that as published by us, with our pagination and layout. . The Australasian Journal of Combinatorics publishes high quality original research papers and survey articles in all branches of combinatorics. http:\/\/\/oclc\/54526764>. Centre for Discrete Mathematics and Computing. No impact factor infomation for this journal. The Australasian Journal of Combinatorics. VIEW FULL TEXT. http:\/\/\/entity\/work\/data\/13151119#Place\/queensland_australia> ; http:\/\/\/vocabulary\/countries\/qea> ; http:\/\/\/entity\/work\/data\/13151119#Topic\/computer_science_mathematics> ; http:\/\/\/entity\/work\/data\/13151119#Topic\/combinatorial_analysis> ; http:\/\/\/fast\/868961> ; http:\/\/\/fast\/872460> ; http:\/\/\/entity\/work\/data\/13151119#Organization\/combinatorial_mathematics_society_of_australasia_inc> ; http:\/\/\/entity\/work\/id\/13151119> ; http:\/\/\/oclc\/24802444> ; http:\/\/\/title\/-\/oclc\/54526764#PublicationEvent\/queensland_australia_centre_for_discrete_mathematics_and_computing_university_of_queensland> ; http:\/\/\/entity\/work\/data\/13151119#Agent\/centre_for_discrete_mathematics_and_computing_university_of_queensland> ; http:\/\/\/?V=1.0&L=VH7QX3XE2P&S=JCs&C=AUSTRJOUROFCO&T=marc> ; http:\/\/\/resolver?ctx_enc=info%3Aofi%2Fenc%3AUTF-8&ctx_ver=Z39.88-2004&> ; http:\/\/\/ezeit\/warpto.phtml?colors=7&jour_id=40143> ; http:\/\/\/title\/-\/oclc\/54526764> ; http:\/\/\/entity\/work\/data\/13151119#Agent\/centre_for_discrete_mathematics_and_computing_university_of_queensland>, http:\/\/\/entity\/work\/data\/13151119#Organization\/combinatorial_mathematics_society_of_australasia_inc>, http:\/\/\/entity\/work\/data\/13151119#Place\/queensland_australia>, http:\/\/\/entity\/work\/data\/13151119#Topic\/combinatorial_analysis>. It was established in 1990 and is published by the Centre for Discrete Mathematics and Computing (University of Queensland) on behalf of the Combinatorial Mathematics Society of Australasia. ISSN: 1034-4942 2202-3518. J. Comb.”.ISO 4 (Information and documentation – Rules for the abbreviation of title words and titles of publications) is an international standard, defining a uniform system for the abbreviation of serial publication titles. Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: Your request to send this item has been completed.

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