arbitrary vocal symbols

( Log Out /  The referential function enables him to talk about objects or events in the immediate setting or environment or in the culture; to discuss the present, the past, and the future. One weakness is that people cannot converse directly at distances greater that fifty feet. Recognizing this general fact about language leads us to conclude that a property of linguistic signs is their arbitrary relationship with the objects they are used to indicate. But, if the definition of a language is used in the study of language, we must involve the other means of communication that are not categorized as a language. A language is complete for its native speakers. According to Roman Jacobson (in Bell, Roger T. 1976:83), functions of a language are related to aspects. The prime function of a language has been assumed to be cognitive; a language is used to express ideas, concepts, and thought. ... “ Language is a system of arbitrary vocal symbol by means of which a social group cooperate.” 3. For instance, someone may inherit brown eyes and dark hair from his/her parents, but he/she does not inherit their language. We all know that a language is socially acquired, learned and then used. He/she acquires a language in a culture with other speakers and not from parental genes. endobj This is to say that the written form of a language is only a representation of what is actually spoken. However, we may be still confused whether a language is the only means of communication or whether all means of communication are known as languages. The sentences are created, among others, on the basis of purposes. In English, for instance, when a name for a new shampoo was coined, Prell was possible but not Srell, because the cluster sr does not occur in the language. endobj Ability to speak for human beings is not genetically transmitted but culturally learned from their elders. Not all characterstics of a language do not belong to an animal’s means of communication. endobj <> The sentence is not ordered at random. In this relation, we may make some questions such as: “What is a language?”, or “What do you know about a language”, or “What is meant by a language?” Someone’s answer may be different from that of the other. In social context, a language is not only means for communication but also it is an important medium for establishing and maintaining social relationship. They will bark in a certain way when they want to show the others that there is something to eat; they will produce a different kind of barking when they are in danger. For instance, there are two persons sitting in a waiting room of bus station; they begin to introduce and talk to each other. Some regard everything used for communication as a language. Nowadays, the spoken language can be recorded using tape recorder. A language is used as a means of communication. 5. These three functions of a language are actually related from one to another. Metalinguistic. Imaginative. (Finocchiaro, 1964, p. 8) Language is a system of communication by sound, operating through organs of speech and hearing, among members of a given community, and using vocal symbols possessing arbitrary conventional … The systematicness of a language can be seen from the fact that, take an example, if we regard a language as being made up of sounds, we find out that only certain sounds occur in any one language that these occur in certain regular and predictable patterns. Beside it is used for establishing and maintaining social relationship, it is used for expressing human culture. 4. It has no meaning other than what we humans have given to it. 5 0 obj In short, a means of communication known as a language must have some characteristics that do not belong to the other means of communication. How does a human being acquire a language? They may talk face to face and over the telephone (Fromkin and Roadman, p. 1).

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