apple competitors analysis

Today, Apple has about six range of computers namely, MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook mini, and iMac. Samsung smartphones have revolutionized and impelled imitators in the mobile computing industry. Supply Chain Disruption. Nonetheless, Sony does not only dominate the video game industry, but it is also a leading developer, manufacturer, and supplier of top of the line consumer electronics. The company which was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs alongside his friends Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne started off humbly but grew slowly as the three became more innovative and business smart. Asus is a lower end competitor to Apple and one of the reasons Apple needs to keep an Eye on Asus is because of its small netbooks. This article aims to explore the main competitors of Apple in different markets. Joe David has years of experience both in the UK and abroad. Its video game consoles, i.e., Sony PlayStation have given brand Sony a notable dominance over the video game market. The company started off as a provider of computer devices and computer hardware back in 1976. Smartphone enthusiast will agree with us that Xiaomi mobile devices are a great deal to buy considering their affordable pricing and excellent built quality. Asus has several models which fall close and hence it is considered as one of the Apple Competitors. Today, Acer has branched out its operations as it now develops, manufactures and supplies, not only computer and its hardware, but it also provides smartphones and entertainment media gadgets to its clientele. Their devices range from personal computers, television sets, and other consumer electronics. The SWOT analysis of Apple tells us the way Apple made use of its competitive advantage to turn out to be a leading player in the technology industry. Apple has 132,000 employees and is ranked 8th among it's top 10 competitors. Brand loyalty is the main reason for this success together with exceptional revenue growth which spiraled from 8 billion US dollars in 2004 to 234 billion by the end of 2015. Also enter your email address at the bottom of the site to ‘Join us’ free for our newly published articles and newsletters. Apple’s Threats. There is stiff competition between these two brands, especially for the computer, smartphone, and entertainment media markets. With a few years have passed on, these two companies even compete fiercely with Dell’s XPS line taking Apple head-on in the PC market. December 17, 2017 By Hitesh Bhasin Tagged With: Brand competition. As of 2018, Apple’s market share in the global personal computer market is 6.9% which makes the company the 4 th largest in the world. Also, Microsoft licenses software products for computers. Microsoft Corporation has made significant contributions to the IT industry. Google products are quite popular among computer and smartphone users and the company today has decided to venture into the smartphones market. When we consider Samsung as one of the top Apple competitors, we are definitely considering its smartphone as a competitor much above their laptops. Different options for the Xiaomi phones are available for various customer segments, and their prices vary accordingly. Top 11 Apple Competitors. Unfortunately, it had to split up to form HP enterprise and HP Inc. with the later taking on the mantle of manufacturing and supplying computers, printers and offering IT solutions to users. These include the Xbox and Xbox 360 streams that bring in a significant amount of revenue to this multinational corporation. Dell Technologies (DVMT) is a manufacturer of both desktop and mobile computing devices and one of Apple's primary competitors. Coronavirus Outbreak. Every product of Apple launched is a revolution. He writes regularly online on a variety of topics. He has a keen interest in business, hospitality and tourism management. There are those targeted for high-end users just as much as there are consumer friendly units which are way cheaper. Lenovo has an excellent range of laptops and has an in depth product portfolio. When compared to Apple, Samsung can be the primary competitor to Apple’s Smartphones – The Iphone. Your email address will not be published. Right from the iPhone, iPod, iPad and even the Macintosh line of computers. Its Acer aspire series and travel mate series of computers has given Acer a domineering position in the computer market. Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology giant, founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve, Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Dell is majorly known as a manufacturer of desk-based and mobile PCs. The company also avails accessories for all its computer products. While we can’t give clear statics to show how well Dell is doing right now, speculation indicates that the company through significant acquisitions and partnerships has seen it double its sales and revenue in the recent years. I am a serial entrepreneur & I created Marketing91 because i wanted my readers to stay ahead in this hectic business world.,,,, Distribution channels and supply chain of Tesco. With regards to competition, Dell majorly competes with HP, Acer, and ... 2) Lenovo. Today, Lenovo employees over 27,000 employees and has reported an estimated revenue of $45 billion in the financial year of 2017.

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