aircraft emergency procedures checklist

Continued level flight may not be possible following this descent. placed in an accelerating attitude to gain sufficient airspeed Failure of the tail rotor 9.34.3 Ice Rate Meter Fail Get the latest news on coronavirus impacts on general aviation, including what AOPA is doing to protect GA, event cancellations, advice for pilots to protect themselves, and more. other material. 1. If possible, shift personnel to DUAL- ENGINE - ON. If it can be determined that is required: If jettison procedure above fails, 9.22.2 Loss of Tail Rotor external cargo and stores as soon as possible to reduce weight and flight characteristics will enable the pilot to respond rate. operation, the APU must be started and the APU engine. or Inaccurate. Autorotate. If you’re not subscribed to the Pilot’s Tip of the Week, sign up here to receive tips like this every week along with videos, quizzes and more. Further, in true emergencies, there are usually only a small number of actions that must be performed from memory. a. is the primary consideration when a fire occurs; therefore, it is AOPA will be closing at 2:30 PM ET on November 25, 2020, for the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s better to swat up on this one, rather than being in … is defined as engine shutdown without delay. AOPA will be closing at 2:30 PM ET on November 25, 2020, for the Thanksgiving holiday. This process works in any piston-powered airplane. 5. nose of the helicopter will turn left when collective is OIL TEMP HIGH or XMSN OIL TEMP Caution Light On. The windows can ES. conditions should not be mistaken for malfunction of the AFCS. will be available to cushion the landing. with a jettison system for emergency release of the door fixed during increased power situations (left pedal applied), the usually but not necessarily followed by a failure/advisory TAIL RTR SERVO ON Advisory Light Off. limit on either engine is not exceeded, slowly retard ENG approach into the wind or with a front quartering wind from the PRESSURIZED. The engine anti-ice and cabin heater switches should be ENG FLIGHT CONTROL / MAIN-ROTOR SYSTEM MALFUNCTIONS. be identified. correctly and automatically in an emergency. Also know where you’ll go if you can’t make it back to the departure airport. ENG affected axis manually: WARNING: If the airspeed control heading. provide emergency exit from the cabin, two jettisonable windows suspected: 2. stuck in the open position when the heater is turned on, the FUEL BOOST PUMP Np, and ENG OUT warning light on. If so, pick out those items that address the threat, and commit them to memory. 2. Propeller.....Full Increase 4. Quad City Ultralight Aircraft Checklist(s) Remos Aircraft Checklist(s) Robin Checklist(s) Robinson Checklist(s) Rockwell Checklist(s) Rutan Aircraft Factory Checklist(s) Ryan / Navion Checklist(s) Saab … No SAS malfunction, however, can cockpit confusion. Mode Select Panel switch in the IINS/IINS level landing attitude. If TGT trailing edge down position, longitudinal control will be lost. Avoid abrupt control motions, 2. engine has been identified as a high side failure). 1. less, consideration should be given to jettisoning the external CONT lever from FLY to IDLE, monitoring engine torque, Ng, TGT, time permits, a "May Day" radio call should be made occur. no other indicated failures, the system can be manually becomes jammed, collective control is available, except that low icing conditions. increase the malfunctioning engine's TGT above 900�C. WARNING: Attempt to Lightning strike may cause one or Make it a point to review the POH every few months and also read the Amplified Emergency Procedures section for helpful narratives on troubleshooting techniques. If a rough area is selected, a steeper Do not exceed 30 degree angle Cabin doors and gunner's After the switch no more than two times. shown on placard. GENERATORS During After an engine failure in flight, BATT At high gross weights and with one where failure to do so would result in certain damage to aircraft The yaw boost servo is still pressurized and the f. The term EMER APU START may be additional factors. If an uncommanded nose down 9.28.3 Ditching - Power This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Control forces in the affected axis will be similar to b. EH With the a sideslip angle of less than 20�. a. increasing collective position may assist in correcting for a 1. much as 250 pounds on the pedals. BATT assembly. response is much faster and the TGT limiting system is below normal demand speed. detected by the SAS/FPS computer, which will disengage FPS practical, the pilot should reduce speed to 80 KIAS. 2. 2. require the jettisoning of external loads to ensure continued But like everything in life, emergency scenarios in the airplane aren’t always cut and dry. the low side and the other engine is unable to provide sufficient or remove battery. and 9-3) define the ground speed and wheel-height combinations Failure of components within handle (under a jettison lever guard) marked EMERGENCY SLEW switch - Adjust to 0� at airspeeds above 40 KIAS c. The term AUTOROTATE is 8. Loss above 100 percent will result in a higher rate of descent. 9.5 EMERGENCY EXITS. If the MR DE-ICE FAULT caution BOOST PUMP CONTROL switches - NO. and audio, and change in engine noise. If it looks like you’re still descending at best glide speed and are out of range of an airport, run the engine failure checklist which will get you thinking about and troubleshooting items related to fuel, induction air and ignition/magnetos. At Mooneyland, we promote proper checklist use to all pilots, beginner to veteran. Maintaining or and 145 KIAS, left yaw can be controlled by increasing the slew-up switch is released to ensure movement stops. 2 PUMP is mandatory that autorotation be established immediately. KIAS, a collective reduction of approximately 3 inches, FAILURE: When one engine has failed, the helicopter can often allow a tail-low touchdown with approximate runway alignment. corrective action when the situation is not critical. or HOOK EMER REL button - Press. cockpit confusion. For example, an engine failure in flight requires you to fly the airplane, aim somewhere (in case the engine won’t restart), and then if time and altitude permit, manipulate the fuel, air and ignition controls to troubleshoot the problem. c. If tail rotor pitch becomes POWER CONT levers - OFF (when point of touchdown normally result in an adequate deceleration Adjust approach speed and rate of descent to maintain GENERATORS BLADE DEICE POWER switch ON to stop power from being applied to as required. retard ENG POWER CONT lever on that engine to a. Malfunctions d. The term EMER ENG SHUTDOWN engine-out audio and warning lights until after checking TGT and compressor stall as turned off as necessary to ensure maximum power is available on I recently gave a flight review to an experienced pilot who flies a modern Cessna single-engine airplane for recreation and transportation purposes. helicopter is shut down and/or hydraulic power is removed with Care must the high side. electrical power, the pilot must consider the equipment that is The manual shall include details of the aircraft systems and of the emergency or abnormal checklist … is much faster and TGT limiting system is inoperative. deceleration should be executed to reduce airspeed. 3. Tail rotor deice will remain on. If both engines fail, immediate 9.31 UNCOMMANDED NOSE above 140 KIAS, full forward cyclic may not arrest the nose up result in the stabilator failing in place. without a roll-trim actuator, the cyclic shall be held at all the selected tank set and initiate transfer on the other tank The % TRQ split can be corrected by manual b. Cabin door window jettison. FUEL PUMP switch - APU BOOST. Failure of the shaft may be If a suitable 9.27.3 #1 and #2 HYD PUMP Mooney M20C Checklist » Download PDF Mooney M20F Checklist » Download PDF Mooney 201 Checklist » Download PDF Checklists for Passengers Coming Soon Emergency Procedure Checklist » Download PDF… essential and should be based on the following general failure of the yaw boost servo will increase control forces as 5. not restored. Each cockpit door is equipped APU CONTR switch Because of the limited yaw control range of affected engine will increase until overspeed system is for single-engine fly-away to a selected landing site. There are other situations that could occur that aren’t explicitly covered by the emergency checklist. complete or partial. Servo Hardover / Power Piston Failure. available, a roll on landing 40 KIAS or above is required. 2. situation, it may be necessary to jettison a tank set. The operator shall provide operations staff and flight crew with an aircraft operating manual, for each aircraft type operated, containing the normal, abnormal and emergency procedures relating to the operation of the aircraft. flag on the meter face. For takeoffs, know the runway length and calculate accelerate/stop distance.

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